Signed by Eric Clapton, Jim McCarty, Paul Samwell-Smith and Chris Dreja. Limited to 100.

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Ive seen many claptons easily go for $1000


Just saying..if theres demand who knows what things go for..

And Im guessing the demand for this item at that price is wishful thinking. I guess we will see. Lots of lookie-loos on it, for sure. Ive been wrong before. Time will tell.

Definitely time. Cheers 

He does have best offer up though. Im sure he has no emotional attachment to the pc and is relying on FOMO for his payday. Im sure hed let it go for much less. 

Agreed. For that price, you should be able to find a full set of Clapton-era Yardbirds autographs with a full Clapton signature.

Yep. Listing price and selling price are two very different numbers. Hes hoping for a sucker, lol.

Ebay is chock full of nice, authentic autographs that will never sell bc the asking price is ridiculous. 

Well im just glad i got one.  At 40 dollars, its a steal!

Yep, I got this set for less and agree. I can't see this Yardbirds print hitting $1,500 even with the limited amount signed. 

Very nice set!

I’d be surprised if it got close to that price, but obviously $40 is a steal for sure.

The seller on ebay said he turned down an offer for $900 just to give a sense on the demand...


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