Thirty Seconds to Mars - Signed Vinyl and CD Options for pre-order of It's The End Of The World But It's A Beautiful Day

Site goes live later today but you can logon using the password ITSTHEENDVIP to get immediate access.

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Damn, too late, but thanks anyway!

Looks like there’s 327 vinyls left on the UK store and 360 odd on the US 

US direct link to vinyl: It's The End Of The World But It's A Beautiful Day Exclusive Sunset...

to CD: It's The End Of The World But It's A Beautiful Day CD (Signed) – Th...

At $40 and $50, seems a little high, assuming their sigs are still the "arrow" and "lightning" squiggles from previous

yeah I see one comment after another on Twitter complaining about the price for a signed cd so at least i know it's just not me being cheap lol

I've been in spending mode this week. Normally I would have passed but grabbed a vinyl just now (US store) for $60 total after the discount. CD seems too high when a vinyl is just slightly more and usually my preferred option these days. Im probably going to regret this one when it comes in but we will see. Thanks guys for posting links, info and coupon code.

What a daft title. He needs to read more

Looks like Leto is possobly signing a bit different for these. Unless its just a few for the photo

Tough to say. It looks like the way he is doing it has a J and an L combined. And maybe a number for the limited edition? Or maybe something new like Jason suggested. Either way it would probably be faster if he just signed them.

the usual JL on the left with the addition of the year 2023 + Sx

I was disapointed with the previous release signings - I am staying away this time.

The worst signing ever...

the signed CD is on Talkshoplive now for $39.99

Available in the United States, United Kingdom, and 15 other countries

Hmm, there are hieroglyphics on my record.



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