Hi guys,

I’m brand new to the forum and hobby, so please be gentle! I don’t foresee myself becoming a serious collector (famous last words!), but would like to get a few autographs from musicians I admire.

I would like your opinions on these Madonna autographs.

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Sorry to say but I do not think either of these were signed by Madonna.

where did you get those beauties? 

Madonna's early sigs are the best IMO

Do you know what year they were signed or the story behind them?  Looks early 80's

I think they are legit Joe

They are not common to find that's for sure. It's the style I've been searching for

This is my first post on the site, and I must admit...

My partner (named Tony, hence the personalization on the program) won a radio competition and met her in Toronto. He still had a newspaper article from the event, photos, tickets and everything.

When I told my partner about this site, where I’ve been lurking for months, he thought it would be fun to “test the forum”, but I cannot stand being dishonest!!

We have no plans to part with these, but curious to know if these are good looking sigs, what they might sell for etc. Are they worth having PSA or JSA authenticate them?

I wouldn't waste the money on authenticator's if you plan to keep them.

Plus you already know they are legit

Man those are nice. Two of the best I have seen. 

Can you tell me the year they were signed? I assume they were signed at the same location?

The value I wouldn't know because they are not easy to find. So I guess it depends on how badly someone wants them. I certainly wouldn't think them to be cheap ;)

Yes, just confirmed signed on May 23 1985, at a hotel in Toronto... Virgin Tour, she did her Toronto Show at ‘Maple Leaf Gardens’ that night. My partner was flown in from Vancouver, and waited patiently with other competition winners in hotel room until she arrived to meet them. One of the signatures is a concert program, the other is part of a scrapbook my partner made filled with magazine clippings of her (ahh, those pre-internet days when you had to buy magazines!).

Again, apologies in misleading and ‘testing’ the forum, that was a bit cheeky of me :p

I was raised in Vancouver and was probably 20yrs old in '85

I have to admit I wasn't much of a Madonna fan, but as an autograph collector, I can say your partner (Tony) has 2 unique and special gems... congrats on that and thanks for sharing and telling the story


Not the first time I've been wrong! Congratulations on winning the competition.

Thanks for adding to the database of authentic Madonna autographs.  What a great story.  I would have been 20 years old then.  I would have been in awe to have met her then.  What an experience that must have been!  And that was when Madonna hysteria was in full bloom.  In my college dorm in 1985, I swear probably 80% or more of the girls were dressing like Madonna.  Her influence was incredible.

Thanks for your kind words guys, and the warm welcome to this forum :)

It is interesting that she used two different styles for the “a” after the “M”in her name, especially given that they were both signed in the same sitting.

But yeah, even before I saw that you mentioned they were real, I was leaning toward authentic as well.




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