I may be interested in acquiring one of these two items presently up for auction at Gotta Have Rock and Roll. I’m mostly interested in the Help photo for various reasons including the relative later date, the clear signatures in felt pen and the size of the photo. They say that photo has been authenticated by Ciazzo and a COA from him would be possible but you would have to arrange to get, and pay for, a a letter from him (which they would help do). The signed program apparently comes with a Caiazzo COA. What are your thoughts on these items? Also, importantly, what are your thoughts on Gotta Have Rick and Roll? I am not familiar with them and hadn’t heard of them till now. Thanks!



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I can't speak as Beatles fan but I can speak as Tupac collector and in my opinion you always need to do some research. In case of Tupac Shakur items - now They have fake stuff up for sale at this auction and also they offered some fakes in the past. 


+1 the search engine results mention things like this...Erik McKay "MJ"'s etc...

Use of the AML search engine yields results such as this - look for more:


I like these items, especially the photo, but hope you aren’t looking to purchase a Doors signed contract.

If they're OK by Frank...then they're OK with me...

Jim, I agree. If they’re OK with Frank they are OK with me too. However, they CLAIM that the photo has been authenticated by Frank and they CLAIM that if desired/purchased separately, they can assist in arranging for a COA from Frank. If such claims came from a source that I know and trust, such as Perry or Tracks, I wouldn’t be posting.  However, an abundance of caution is always necessary when dealing with Autograph authentication and this kind of money. Since I don’t know GOTTA Have Rock and Roll, that’s why I ask. I did some searching on them and got mixed results. I always value to input of those here. Thanks. 

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions.

For a $15,000 item - I would expect them to fork over the cash to have Frank write it up!!!


I'm not a big fan of "auctions" where the starting price is so high -- it's almost like a set sale (with 25% commission tacked on!)  Frank usually charges up to 5% of an items value for his LOA by the way. So you have to factor that into your bid. 


I have received confirmation from Frank Caiazzo that all off the claims in the listing are true. Thank you all for your input. 


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