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Your thoughts please, thanks guys

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You'd usually get responses by now so I added "Lee" to Bruce in the title in case that's why.

RR auction 

Yes, ended at $5500 but I wanted to know the opinions of people here, regardless of the auction house and whether or not it had been authenticated. 

I believe there is one expert on BL. Forgot his handle 

There is a real nice signed Bruce Lee signed cut ending soon on the bay right now.
Lots of bidders !!!!

Crazy prices, you think those bids are legit? 

That is the going price for a legit Bruce Lee autograph !!!!!!!

So why the beckett approved photo on RR sell for $5500?

Even dedicated, a signed photo is a signed photo.. 

The photo has serious tears or folds, materially damaging the signature and inscription as well as other areas. They dramatically decrease the value of the signed photo. $5,500 makes sense. It would be worth 2-3 times that intact.

Thanks for clarifying, clearly I'm out of touch. 

RR Auction has a past sale database that's a valuable research tool. They are careful about authenticity, been around since the 70s, and have a large and more experienced bidder base.

Here's a link to their past Bruce Lee sales going back 10+ years:




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