Okay, so I recently purchased this Elton John piece.  I've posted this various places, gotten varied opinions as to its authenticity, but very few altogether.  I also posted it here, along with two other pieces I sought input on.  I only had two replies, and while they were greatly appreciated, I am hoping to gain at least a few more opinions. 


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Did you buy it from a seller in Florida? Billy Smith?  Would not buy ANYTHING from him as the one you posted looks similar to Smith's forgery style.  


That does look EXTREMELY similar to the original post. Sorry you didn’t get good news. 

Thanks for your reply.  Out of curiosity, I looked on Ebay to see if I could find that album you sent the photo of.  So I looked up Caribou, and didn't find that exact one, but I found these, and they also look very similar to the one I got.  The first one looks damn near identical to the one I bought.  They appear to all be from different sellers.  I also know Elton's signature varies quite a bit, so it's hard to compare, at least in my opinion.  Anyway, the first time I posted on here, one of the replies was from a guy who has met Elton, as well as handled his signatures, and he told me he believes it is real, but no one can be completely certain I suppose.  I plan to have it evaluated by a reputable authenticator as soon as I've received it.  Thanks again for your reply; I do appreciate.

This seems to be similar to the Ringo and Macca signatures that Ballroom exposed recently.  If you see just one example of the signature, it looks fine.  But when you see several of them all signed the exact same way, in the exact same place, with the same slant etc, you then do the math and realize there is a high probability that it is a forgery style.

All EJ Fakes. Get your money back. 



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