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This item is up for sale at RR.  It doesn't look remotely right to me.  It supposedly has a COA from Tracks, but the signature and backstory seem all wrong.  The individual who got the autograph pulled into the same gas station as Jimi Hendrix, and asked him for an autograph.  So, either he or Jimi just happened to have a record release photo handy for the occasion.  Then, like all good autograph hunters, he signs his own name on the photo.  So, what do you think?

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What do you think?

I just dont find it visually appealing and its signed by some unknown person aswell i would save my $ and wait for something better to come along like it usually does about 10 minutes after you just spent all your hard earned savings on something you were 50/50 on  

I think real all two... but the signatures are hard to see... these are not nice memorabilia for me.

For me both are legit, IMHO.

I also believe that both are real. “Love” looks right too.

And why signed his own name in the photo if the item is fake? There are not reasons.. 

The card dated september 1967... 

I can see how the unusual thin, vertical 'e' can set someone off on the autograph. You see them but it's not the iconic one we're used to seeing.

What do you think about the other one in the current auction?

I don't like. "J", "H", "e" & "d" are not good. Too bad for me, indeed. I think it's not genuine.

And you Ballroom what di you think?

It reminds me of the bottom example, which was posted here for opinions. The consensus was that it isn’t authentic.

Could be fake.. 



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