Opinions on this Ali sig?

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Not real IMO.

Dang it's on a pic with the Beatles of which I've been after for a while now.

This one's above my pay-grade for Ali but I think it's the right style for the year and a good forgery if it's not real. You'll probably get more experienced opinions. 

I forgot to mention the best source for Ali autograph education and exemplars, AliAutos.com:


Ali rarely if ever signed the Beatles pics except in a white area on a person, usually McCartney. The signature was much smaller as compared to the photo, since most were 16x20. Yours is huge. Most were the ones with the Beatles on the left.

Genuine ones are roughly $1,500-$2,500+. Don't look for a bargain! The only one who will be happy is the seller.

This is a known forgery style that is very prevalent, unfortunately.

AliAutos.net is a great resource, and last time I checked had a brief discussion of this forgery style. 

I would have to give this one a thumbs down.

Very fake



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