Looking to confirm or deny my concerns with these signatures on this Three's Company cast-signed photo. 

  • John Ritter
  • Joyce DeWitte
  • Suzanne Somers

To me, all three appear to be in the same hand and atypical versus likely authentic examples I have found.  Appreciate you sharing your opinions.  Thank you.

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In my humble opinion, not real.

Thank you, David.  As I noted, this looked off to me for several reasons but I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and opinions.  I purchased these items more than twenty years ago and wish this forum existed back then.  However, I am sure my children will appreciate knowing what they have when items are passed on to them.  I appreciate you. 

beardog1, I did check my exemplar library and my in person library against your autographs. The chances that all 3 autographs we're signed in person at the same angle…..not….I am in the process of 3rd party authenticating my 40+ year old collection in case I am not around for my daughter. I also have her 3rd party autographs herself for future sales in case I am not around, so she knows what to do.. Educate your family, just in case. 

Hi again, David.  Thank you for the additional information and direction as I pursue a similar path.  This forum has been tremendous to help me filter out the bad from the good.  I also like your idea of pursuing TPAs and continuing to document and share with the family so they can make informed decisions if I am not around. 

I heard someone define "experience" as "that which is acquired just AFTER it is needed".  I wish I had access to this forum twenty year ago but I appreciate being able to learn from members on this forum everyday.  Thank you for your help.

beardog1, I feel your pain, 20 - 40 years ago  the net would have been handy while making split second decisions amongst 30 buyers pawing threw hundred's if not thousand's of album pages and 3x5 , 4x6 cards……not to mention signed photos at the LA shows.

I’m a John Ritter collector... and in my experienced opinion your Ritter is not authentic.

Thank you Doctor Loomis.  I am very much an amateur collector with a very general collection.  As an amateur, I felt this was likely not authentic.  However, I admire members on this forum who have developed expertise in specific areas or specific individuals and truly value their opinions.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I agree, sadly not authentic

Thank you as always Dan.  Although I prefer good news, it helps me let go and move on when I get definitive opinions on items that are not authentic.



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