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I have had this photo since 2002/2003.

I forgot where it was purchased, but I'm pretty sure I purchased on eBay.

It originally came with a COA but I've misplaced it. Is anyone here able to authenticate the signature? Is this real or fake?

Thank you

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Tough to say. His autograph has changed over the years, the 'B' has changed specifically, he generally doesn't attached the back of the letter to this rest of the B like he does in this instance anymore. And he has dropped adding his number to the autograph. Other than that, which is just a developmental change over the course of time, I would err on the side that this is real.

Imo, this is not authentic.

I agree with James.   Looks like a forgery.    Letter structure and size is wrong

The B and the flat T look off, even from early examples. 

Not legit


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