I'm seeing more and more of these fake Brady Mounted Memories items everywhere! They aren't even very good forgeries! I'm a relatively new serious collector and its frustrating to see people passing up on real ones to fork money over for this stuff! They somehow got their hands on a bunch of M.M COA cards and standard holo's and are profiting heavily on the trust of the M.M name! If you do your homework you can tell the differences in the fake coa cards from the real ones, the gold lettering is different and the idiots that are doing em didn't do their homework on how M.M does their descriptions. For example you'll have 2 identical pro line helmets and one will say pro line helmet and the other will just say pro helmet or just helmet! I am noticing that the stuff is sitting on eBay for longer lately, leading me to believe maybe some less knowledgeable collectors are catching on. There's a couple sellers that are moving a good bit of this stuff. Sorry about the venting, its just frustrating.

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I've been noticing these for a while now.   nothing like the Tri-star signatures, for sure.

I agree, I have a good bit of Brady stuff and its all TriStar. I just don't understand how someone is gonna spend that kind of money on a piece and not do their homework! It doesn't take much digging to find out if you want a legit Brady autograph you get a TriStar! Or in person
Is Mounted Memories defunct?

dont think so!


No M.M is owned by fanatics now and they are as legit as it gets. It's definitely forgers circumventng the process



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