Hey there again, could you check this out please and let me know what you think... Thank you very much

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It appears that Terrier is right. That ball is listed on the site below under FAKE AUTOGRAPHS ON EBAY PSA DNA. The site is by someone trying to trash our member Chris Williams, AKA TomTresh2 on YouTube, and PSA/DNA.

In any case, don't treat members like that.

Please see below:

So who's football is this?

You posted it Z Z. How would anyone else know who owned it?

You posted a forgery supposedly authenticated PSA/DNA trying to "embarrass" one of our members; clearly, from what you said, to discourage members from giving opinions on autographs.

Yet the certification number isn't visible on the COA. Why?

Perhaps because PSA charges $75 for Tom Brady. Everything with a fee of over $50 at PSA/DNA gets a Letter of Authentication, not a Certificate of Authentication.

Which means that the Brady football on eBay was probably a forgery with a fake COA.

Here is the results from PSA cert oh, so I don't understand what you're talking about

And the reason I asked who owned it was because somebody was wanting me to buy it ... but I checked it out online and it looks like it's real, like everything else when you go to PSA cert

I think it is sad that someone intentionally posts a photo trying to trick someone and using that info to attempt to make them look bad.  Spend a little more time doing your due diligence and less time trying to make others look foolish, although you have no issue doing it to yourself.

Right :-) so why was it authenticated by PSA if it's fake? ... I know that they just use an opinion and stuff too, not knowing, just like everybody on here, whether it's actually real or not

Please see above ZZ.

Ask PSA why they authenticated that forgery. Terroir is right. That signature is not good. Buy it if you like it. Your money.

ZZ, your profile says you're from Sparks, Nev., which is right next to Reno. That Tom Brady football is on offerUp.com, from a seller in Reno named Jack. His photo has his name, Jack Lorent, with 25 autographs for sale, most represented at having PSA/DNA authentication. Click the image to go to Jack's OfferUP home page:

Are you Jack Lorent?

No doubt this is him.




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