I need your help on this old tom hanks before I buy it, do you think it is genuine? I appreciate every answer. Thank you.

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I'm sorry - I don't know this signature to help you.

thanks anyway for your time

Could be an old style signature, here is my IP from 1994.  He certainly does not sign like this anymore and hasnt for a long time(in fact he hardly signs at all anymore).  My advice is to find out when the signature was obtained if possible.

thank you very much for your help, I tried to contact the seller but unfortunately he too bought a few years ago and he doesn't know where he got it, comparing it with yours looks quite similar. thanks again for your help.

If it is really older paint pen I hope it hasn't stuck.

It has some traits that could be okay but without provenance it's best to stay clear. Maybe ask Beckett for a quick opinion


thank you so much for your help, so do you think it might be genuine?



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