My name is Ivo I come from Germany.
I wanted to thank you for the first time in the forum :)
I have a few questions to you :)
I've been a Tupac Shakur fan for years and have been looking for an original autograph for a long time, maybe you can help me.
I'm sorry if my English is not so good.
I am interested in this offer, what do you think of it?
Could it be real?
Unfortunately, the certificate manufacturer is no longer accessible via the website.
I thank you for any tips and help.
Best Regards

Here is the Link:

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Hi Ivo,

Welcome to Autograph Live! I don't think that the Tupac you posted is genuine. 

Thank you Steve :)
I am also skeptical about the autograph.

yep unfortunately it doesn t look genuine to me either

not genuine in my opinion.
I take this post to ask you for your opinion on this one
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I don't think that's real either.

Thanks Steve for your opinion .
I thank you all for your opinion. it is really hard to find an original of tupac, I have the feeling it is only fakes in the internet :(

I think that in time you'll be able to find a good Tupac. Tupac contracts, documents, letters and checks have been coming out the last few years. More since his mother died in 2016. Some I trust and some I don't, but it's better than the old days when 99.9% were fake.

okay this is true in the internet I see also most often only contracts and documents as you said

It looks genuine to me also

What would you say to the autograph? it is to come from tupacs bodyguards frank alexander his friend. does this look like real? the seller says there is unfortunately no coa.
thank you very much for your assessments.
Beste Regards
Hello Timothy,
thank you for your reply I also think the top autographs are not genuine. but the last, where the napkin is signed, I'm unsure whether that could not be genuine. look times I've made a comparison. to the left of a reprint of the original. Best regards
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