Hi, I am new here but have scoured these threads for quite a while.  I am somewhat of a collector (mainly Beatles) but these items are more of a "personal" nature to me as they were sent to my father.  I have read, compared and gotten many opinions over the years regarding these letters and am well aware that Kennedy signatures are amongst the hardest to authenticate.  It is my hope to get Andreas Wiemer and Steve Cyrkin involved in this discussion as their input in previous discussions has been invaluable.

I have TWO JFK letters signed nine days apart and are drastically different.  Mr. Wiemer's recent study and discussion notes has raised issues regarding the January 11th signature.  Mainly, the stopping after the "e" in Kennedy as opposed to stopping after the "n" - in a previous discussion, he has termed this WRONG, although, admittedly, at one time thought this "style" was authentic.

The second letter dated January 20th is a completely different style (obviously).  However, it incorporates styles from earlier authentic Kennedy signatures (1950-1952), the almost "V" like "K" in Kennedy, the "8" style "J" in John, as well as the skipping of the second "e" in Kennedy and the "d" along with the previously seen swooping "Y".

Many years ago, John Reznikoff gave these a cursory "looks good" but I know that a lot of new info has come out since that time.

These letters pertain to my father becoming a US citizen and I am very happy to have them in my possession.  I have gone through the trouble of mounting and displaying one of them in my home (I'll reveal which one after I get opinions - LOL).  I also have the "franked" envelopes that they came in and will provide photos if that would help at all.

I am simply trying to get the most informed opinions regarding this so that I can confidently display it and pass on to my children.  Please help.  Please ask any questions if I have missed anything and I greatly appreciate your feedback.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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The January 11,1954 looks OK to me. The later dated letter appears to be secretarial

Thanks Paul

Yes, the January 11th one has been commonly accepted as authentic by PSA and others, although Andreas may have a different opinion on it.  The other I believe is secretarial, although I need to double check on that one.

Thanks and please do, as I said, this is a pretty tricky one as the second one really resembles authentic signatures from earlier years with the characteristics that I mentioned. I get the feeling that this is going to raise a lot of differing opinions.  Thanks again, please let me know if you gather any additional information.  Robert

I have a copy of the Andreas book. I will get back to you  later

Thanks Michael, I appreciate it 

January 11th Authentic

January 20th Secretary No.14

Thank you Michael. If you could please, point out the specifics that helped you reach that conclusion... I’m trying gather as much info as possible. I really appreciate your time. Thank you.

I've got the book by Andreas Wiemer 'John F Kennedy study' I don't know if it's still available.


Does it contain an authentic example like my January 11th signature ?  Or the secretarial of the January 20th one ?  Would you be able to post a picture ?  Once again, thank you !

I'm not sure if it's too critical regarding the issues with Jan 11th. It starts to become a bit subjective at this point. I'm sure it's authentic, and any auction house would, probably, be of the same opinion.

Secretary No. 3 is close to this one, but has a loop on the 'Y'

Here you go

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