These were sold at auction a while back...from a small auction house in New York...and were valued at $200-$300 US! AMAZING! the person that purchased these...."Ahem"....autographs!

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They say there is one born every day. Obviously they put their hand up at this auction. Not good!!

no words

It's STUNNING I know...I would LOVE to meet the person who bought these...

That auction house isn’t small enough.

"Very good"...

Speechless. Absolutely speechless. And yet, there are folks who'll go to their graves believing these scribbles are legit.

What auction house?

These are genuine Rutles autographs. The person who purchased them is now on 24 hour medical care. 

They were signed when they were out of their trees on LSD. I think the same goes for the buyer.



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