Hi, My dad went to work , age 15 at The Imperial Hotel, Torquay , England, summer of 1963.

The Beatles only concert appearance in the seaside town of Torquay and they performed at the Princess Theatre.

My dad served the Beatles in the restaurant and chatted quite a lot with them.He told me that he took a menu from the restaurant and later , after work, went to their  hotel rooms, knocked on the doors and they all signed the menu for him. He told me that John and Paul were in one room and Ringo and George in adjoining room. There was no security, he was invited into their rooms, chatted an then left with the menu.

My dad has since passed and I am wondering what the value of this original dated menu  would be worth if I was to sell this.



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Hello, you will need to post high resolution scans of the menu (front, back and interior) for any opinions. Apart from the signatures, condition and more must be seen to answer your question. There are several members here with Beatles knowledge.

Ok, Thanks I will do. 

Here is the photo of the front, middles and back page (signed)

Any knowledge appreciated about value and best place to sell.

Thanks Julie


This is not my area but those strike me as good. If so, condition will play a part, skipped ink another. The Beatle folks should chime in soon.

To add - I am not familiar with that signing style for Harrison (that "n") in these years but this is not my area. 

This is genuine signed menu. He was very proud to have met the Beatles and loved to tell his life story which was a fond family memory but since he has passed to his children , they cannot be shared between three children so looking for information on value and who may be interested.
It's late here, my bedtime, so I hope I get some info soon.
Thanks Julie

Oh, you will I think hear some opinions by tomorrow. I did not mean to doubt you or your father, but do understand I have only the menu to see. I have heard "I got that, my family got it" MANY times so I deal with the item on its merits.

Hi Erik,
I actually wrote my reply before I saw your post, So I didn't think you doubted me at all.
I can understand why it looks like this though as my comment wmusy have been posted after yours, so no apology required Erik.
I understand where you are coming from, I'm just looking for information and with this comes opinions. Many thanks Julie

The signatures look authentic. Hard to determine exact value as there are some contrast issues and some fading in the signatures (as they have mostly signed over the printing).  Nice sets with no condition issues in autograph books have been selling for 5000-7000 at auction in the last year -- but they take 20-25% from the buyer and 10-15% from the seller so you would net about 30-40% less then those high auction prices.  

Thank you Bruce for your comments, I had no idea about contrast, fading etc...

Still not sure what would be the best place to sell it.

She will get hammer price, less sellers comision (15-20%) and also less shipping and handling. She will most likely net around 20% of hammer price.


You mean 80% of hammer, right?



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