Van Morrison - What's It Gonna Take - Signed Print (or stamped?)*/Van-Morrison-Signed-Exclusive/?vvsa_consumer_id=32749404

Sorry I didn't see this one elsewhere if it is already up. Remember what happened last time. Order at your own risk.

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Not sure if I want to fall into that trap again. Same as with Dolly, you can take a gamble but expect to be throwing your money away at a greedy record company.

Just for fun, I sent a request


I noticed you had for sale "What's It Gonna Take: Black Vinyl 2LP + Exclusive Signed Print" by Van Morrison.
Before buying, I would like to make sure that the signed print is actually signed by the artist (not printed, not autopenned), because last year, a lot of "signed" items by Van Morrison went on the market and it appeared to be all printed (with stamps).
Can you please confirm this will be the actual hand-written signature this time?
Thanks for your assistance"

I'll let you know if I get an answer !

The only problem is Morrison's camp will lie like they did last time and insist they are actually signed by him. Even though they were all exactly the same.

This is the answer I got:

Thanks for your email.
I can confirm that the signatures are hand written and not printed/autopen.
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,
Customer Services"

Well, I guess we'll see...

Thanks for checking their response, and posting

I agree. After what he did to his fans last time he will never get another cent from me, even if these signatures are authentic. I was able to cancel and get a refund for both the signed LP and the test pressing I ordered but I had to fight them for said refunds. A lot of fans now have fake signatures in their collection and they don't even know it, and if you search ebay there are still a ton of those bogus autopens for sale. It's criminal behavior by Van and his people. 

Obviously a risk, unless you want the album anyway.

If this was free of charge I wouldn’t order it out of principle after the last episode.

Thanks for posting…I’m rolling the dice and will post whenever it comes. Well aware of the fiasco last time and recently bitten by Dolly and Alicia Keys, so this is against better judgment lol. Would love to have him though, more than Keys or Dolly so will take a shot…wasn’t involved last time so fingers crossed this time around.

Given the fiasco last time and how ridiculously bad the last album was, this is a hard pass for me.

I will pass on this. Not going to take the chance of getting fleeced again. 

This is such a tricky one, there was such a fuss made about the last one that surely he won't do it again... 


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