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Considering he just died…I would be wary considering this is “a month away.” Also Decca ships extremely cheap from overseas with the flimsiest of packaging. I had an item arrived damaged and complained- they sent me a replacement that was even more damaged than the first!

Vangelis died ten days ago. I don't know how the offer came about. It's too expensive for me (I think the music is good, but I'm not such a big fan that it would be worth it to me). About Decca: I personally can only speak for my experience (from UK to Germany). The packaging could be better, but all my products have reached me undamaged so far. Still, as with many orders, it's a risk.

There are few shippers (like e.g. Coles Books) where you never have to worry.

Yeah I ordered an item that looked like it went through hell and back (package wise) and sure enough my signed poster was completely destroyed and salvageable if you wanted a large cut. Still, when they offered a replacement I was shocked to see a 2nd one arrive in worse condition.

Sure this might have been in the works and is now being offered, but the timing and price make me reluctant.

More detailed news on the hand signed Vangelis box set on Universal´s "Classical Music" website: 

"In memory of Vangelis (29 March 1943 – 17 May 2022), a limited edition box set of his final work Juno To Jupiter, which was released on CD and digitally in 2021, will be available from 24 June. The special edition, which was planned at the start of the Juno To Jupiter project for release in June 2022, includes a lenticular bookmark hand-signed by Vangelis alongside the CD, 2LPs (including a bonus track), a poster and a 172 page hardback book released for the first time."

Got mine today, it is signed on the backside of the lenticular bookmark. Seems to be a stamp?

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You may be right. Here's mine 

That is very disappointing! I have not yet opened the package I just received for fear of voiding any possible return / reimbursement but I assume (buying from the sound of vinyl) that there isn’t any such possibility anyway, right? I will avoid any decca / sound of vinyl from now on, “hand signed” is very misleading and borderline fraud. 

What was it, all of two days after the man's death that the pre-order for this counterfeit box set was announced to his international fan base, who hadn't had as much as half a chance yet even to begin processing his final exit?

Even at $175 less a piece, that is fraud more ugly and egregious even, I think, than Dolly Parton's Songteller fraud.

The cynicism of Decca on this is just staggering.  I myself wound up just barely dodging the bullet and not picking up a copy of this release--but I'm completely nauseated anew in finally writing just the briefest of posts here about the situation.

Godspeed to everyone on their chargebacks.

Hi guys. I bought 2 boxes and noticed that the signatures are exactly the same and they are just probably stamps. I am very disappointed. I bought from the Sound of Vinyl (UK), and they insist that those signatures are all hand signed and real. This has been confirmed with the label. I actually love the boxset so I am not going return them. But it feels so awkward being treated like this.Vangelis.JPG SOV.PNG

Confirmed by the artist? Eeerm, ok 

Ya, I wonder how... 

these people are real crooks


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