Various six Elvis Autographs from the same ebay seller. What do you all think? Thank you all.

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I know there are authentic Elvis autographs signed in the army, but because of Hans, I would never buy any Army era autograph unless there is solid photo proof.  Hans flooded the market with Army era autographs and as fans, we have to be very careful.  I agree there are Hans ones included here.  I would just avoid any foreign records that are 'signed'.

Me too...I asked rich consola to look at the German drivers manual because of the multiple signings and some tell tale signs of Bakker....

For me the more secure autographs of Elvis are first years 55/56 and international hotel years 1970 era... but always with a background, a dedication... or other "signs" ...

For me too Mr Mojo Risin. 

i agree..i got a 1957 one sold at the graceland auction.. But also checked with rich consola

He said it's the best one they had that year.. On a 1957 Hollywood leaflet

I was looking at 50s or 70s. Because it's safer..

I agree with you. Elvis is very tough. Over the years his handwriting changed a lot. And I am with Steve. Hans flooded the market with Army era autographs. Very very said and bad for us today. But even Hans was not perfect. Let me say something to the twelve autographs. In my opinion from what I see most of the autographs are likely unreal and most are done by the same hand. But not Elvis. Only two or three are looking likely real. But this is only my opinion. But let‘s see what others say. It is always interesting to hear or read other opinions. 

Hello Karsten,

I also fully agree that Elvis authentication is a hard job...

And I want to learn more about this Bakker guy. I read somewhere here that one fellow collector has made a kind of "study" of his forgeries - but I cannot find it...

Anyhow, I am shocked by your judgement that the shown 12 examples are mostly unreal in your opinion...

I would be highly interested in knowing which ones you - or the community - doubt most.

Just give me a number and I could tell something about this special autograph...

Thanks for your efforts!

Have a nice evening and a sunny weekend


Andreas Roth has 2 books with many Elvis German autographs.. He's a specialist in that period

Hi Danny,

thanks for the tipp - but I already knew ;-) I have both books and did a lot of comparing, as well as 3 Andy Schröer books "Private Presley", "A Date with Elvis" and "Elvis - Seine Jahre in Deutschland". Furthermore, a book called "Elvis in Paris" - all containing many beautiful authentic examples I use as a reference.

My best


so email him ..i did..he replied to me..ask his advice.. he's not convinced all autographs in his book are real.. Mr Roth I mean.. He's owned some and sold them on because he wasn't convinced.. Even ones in the book

So you are potentially comparing fakes

Oh, good to know! Thanks for sharing this information! This, I did not know...

Have a great evening!



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