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FB RACC members who bought these sold as signed by Elton John in his store have compared theirs—they're Autopens, essentially identical. 


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Oh how the mighty have fallen.

he slipped.... now will be rushed into AE...

That’s sad, I used to think the artist store autographed items were authentic 

It’s almost reached that stage where you feel like it’s now not worth buying this crap.

Good still outweighs the bad by a ton. I'm hardly rocked to the core that Elton wasn't good for it and he has a team willing to pull this crap. Likewise with Rita Ora, Liam Gallagher and their silly egos, I can't say I'm floored when certain individuals can't be bothered. But the vast majority of artists and their teams do follow through on these. This brand of garbage is the exception to the rule.


Lol it's like they didn't even try to hide it. How perfect he can do a complicated signature repetiously in matter of seconds.

Nothing really to do other than to cause a racket online about it. It's been successful with the Bob Dylan case, why shouldn't it succeed with EJ?

that is exactly what I did but they say they only accept returns within 28 days of an item being delivered  and they inspect everything which has to be with labels etc on.  what a con

I used a forwarder, so I just emailed them and told them to cancel and refund the CD from the bundle and don't bother sending the print. I'll just toss the vinyl on Ebay I guess.

So sad never thought elton would do this just shows what he thinks of him fans.

OK now time for everyone to return the vinyl and print at the end of the day's its fraud.



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