I forgot to ask about the supply of John Williams autographs on Star Wars-related items, both single-signed and also as part of cast-signed Star Wars items. In particular, I'm interested in getting an idea of how many cast-signed items he may have signed.

To me, John Williams is one of the most desirable Star Wars autographs to have. He is an iconic composer, and his musical scores have enhanced all of our enjoyment of many movies. I know his opening score for Star Wars is now considered the most iconic and recognizable in all of film. Where would we be without his masterpiece? It's incredible to think that he has the second most Academy Award nominations of all-time, second only to Walt Disney.

Pete, I remember you said that he has been doing a whole lot of refusing lately for in-person autograph requests. I'm guessing he probably didn't do shows or celebrations...or private signings? So does he tend to be a bit more rare, especially on multi-signed items?

Thanks in advance.

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For years John was very approachable at venues he was performing at, and for decades he was very good about signing material mailed to his business locations, especially when he was with the Boston Pops. Polite requests placed with his team even resulted in brief meet and greets at some venues. While he never did a Celebration or official signing, he certainly has signed plenty of material.

It is unclear if his refusals of late are due to his age or just the abundance of people crowding around venue entrances looking to make a buck.

He is not performing as much as he once did, and no longer signing material sent to him, lucky fans when requesting a signature, still receive a presigned response card, some of which do have musical quotes. Requests for a quote don't seem to be answered, but if you have hit the right notes (pun intended) in your letter someone on his team may smile upon you with one of his signature cards featuring a musical quote.


Thanks, Pete, great information as usual. Since my other cast-signed original Star Wars album deal fell through (because the seller didn't actually have the item), I've decided to buy a different cast-signed item. It's a "Return of the Jedi" multi-signed soundtrack. It's signed by nine members of the cast and crew. The George Lucas, John Williams, and Harrison Ford were all in-person, obtained outside of different venues. The other six were signed at celebrations. The Ford is not the most eye-appealing and it's a bit abbreviated...but at least I think it's probably a real Ford.

I would imagine pretty much the only way to get Williams on something like this would be in-person outside of a performance or gathering since you probably would send an album to him with other sigs on it.

This ones not quite as nice as the other item I thought I was going to get, but it's a lot less expensive and as far as digs go, compared to the other one, this one doesn't have Prowse or Kenny Baker, instead it has Bulloch and Tim Rose...not exactly an even trade, but for the money a much better deal. Other than those two, the autographs are by the same members.

There's a pic below. It does come with PSA/DNA. What do you think?

- Thanks, James
Sorry...there's some bad editing in there.
Ok...here's the pic!

They are all real. As long as you are happy with it that is all that matters. There is no right way to collect Star Wars autographs, you get what you like, and deal with well respected dealers, so as not to get jammed up with any fakes and you are all set.

10-15 years ago, I wanted to get everyone who was involved with any aspect of the saga, films, comics, books, animation, You name it if it involved SW, I was after it. in 2003 or 2004 I sold better than half of my collection and took some time off from work. When I restarted it was a different collection for me....I focused on only the main cast and people who no one else (or very few collectors) had.

You have to decide for yourself what pieces and what autographs you want in your collection.   

You're right, Pete. And I do like it...just not quite as much I liked the other one. But you know, you can't always get what you want, but sometimes you just might get what you need. An Englishman once told me that.

Since I'm just starting out collecting Star Wars, I decided I wanted to get something original that dates back to the 70s or 80s that is signed even if the signings themselves didn't date back to that period. So I'm happy getting something from the original trilogy.

Hi, I'm new to this site Autograph Magazine.
I never heard of it, but I'm glad to have stumbled onto it.
I'm a big Star Wars fan myself and enjoy the SW autos.
Pete, I enjoy reading your posts on SW.
You have more knowledge on SW autos than anybody I know.
Pete you're doing a great job, keep it up.

Pete do you know if anybody was able to get John Williams this weekend,
while being in Boston? And if so, how generous was he?
I look forward to your response and have a great weekend!


Welcome to Autograph Live, Joey. Glad you found us!

Thank you sir, I'm glad to be here

I will echo Steve's welcome wishes, it's always good to have a collector who wants to know more about his hobby.

I have not gotten reports from everyone who was trying, but I do know that K9 was doing very well with Mr. Williams this past week with nearly a dozen pieces done. 

Wow, I guess I should've made the 10 hour drive from Virginia.

One other thing Pete, I wasn't able to do the private signing for Harrison  with OPX because it sold out. Do you know off hand how many pieces Harrison will be signing or did sign for OPX and how many days is the signing?

Thanks again and have a great day!


Most companies that do private signings do not make the quantities public knowledge. I can tell you that some of Harrison's earlier signings with Official Pix were quite limited. Only 50 hand numbered Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 11x14 prints and about 50 Han Solo 8x10 prints made up the first signing they did. Follow up signings again had 50 Hand numbered KOTCS 11x14s (a different image) and 11x14 Han Solo images that were not as limited as the 8x10 version.

I have had a few conversations with people (not affiliated with Official Pix) in the last few years that have revealed that Harrison has raised his prices quite a bit, and that he does require a larger number of pieces to be signed to make his scheduling of a signing worth his time.

Just from following the pieces from past signings that have popped up online and tracking the numbers of items that others have posted and made public, it seems to me that later signings have numbered in to 200-300 quantity area.

If I were to make a guess, (and that is all it would be,) I would think that this most recent signing will likely be at least 300 items, maybe as many as 500 pieces. 


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