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Al Pacino is having a private signing soon with his full autograph. Not cheap but worth it if you are a fan.

Thank you I'm going to go and I'll look into it... My friend Tom Kramer sold it to me. This one in particular saying that it comes from one of his contacts in New York who signs in person. I just thought I'd show it to you guys and see what you guys think . It looks good to me I've seen a lot of those circular motions of his period and this one that I presented I think he was sitting down because it doesn't look sloppy it looks kind of evenly signed... Even though it's certainly far from the older ones where there was a little bit of a last name. but it definitely appears to me like you was sitting down doing it not in the air standing over somebody being in a hurry. I looked at autograph world and they have almost identical signatures of his like this one so I don't know just that I show it and see what I get as input

Here is the link to the Al Pacino private signing.

You're a very good man thank you

Thanks, J.

This looks good to me as short as his signature can be

Ok. Tkx.. 

as a collector of mr pacino i don't like this scribbles of him but have a few just for the collection and with the right papers saying this was a in person signed ''photo proof'' i would be interested. but would never buy this with only words and no proof. 

It's just that I checked autograph worlds exemplar and it looked virtually identical in that it was probably in the mid-90s that he used that double circular kind of a touch-up.,. But I did check around and I did see similar especially with the blue pen he likes a blue pen I noticed

Unfortunately, trust in the seller is all that an Al Pacino autograph collector can rely on, particularly if the autograph was signed on the street.  Tom Kramer is a class act.  I would rest easy with this one.

Thank you, Mike... You like Tom Kramer don't you Mike? He's a really nice man. He always buys the contemporary ones only from one particular fella that does face-to-face signings

Here’s mine from a PSA private signing. Are we considering this is “full” signature nowadays?



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