Looking to pick this up from a fellow member, and it looks good to me, circa 80's/90's maybe, I think? But what do I know? Doesn't come with authentication, but was told someone at Tracks looked at it and gave a thumbs up. But I'll defer to all your much more expert opinions than this here amateur! Thanks all!

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It looks spot on to me,it's a later sig, 90s , 80s.
Who's selling this?

Paul, I sent you a message... just don't want to mention it publicly, some folks might like to keep such matter private. Though if he wants to come in and join discussion, I'm all for it!

One of mine from the same period...

I dig it

Any specific dates on any of the examplars shown?

To me, Jason's autograph looks stiffer than the others but maybe it was signed a few years before or the circumstances were different.

I'd be cautious about the thumbs up from Tracks if it is not in writing.

It looks pretty good, but I'm not completely comfortable with it. I don't put any faith in statements from sellers that Tracks liked a particular autograph, even though it could be true.

I need to shoot them off an e-mail, but while I'm here... do you guys know if Tracks does TPA, or like Caiazzo, do they not do that sort of thing for other people's items, only their own? I suppose I could also shoot it off to Roger for a QO too if there's no consensus here. It's such a nice clean signature, and it would look great in a custom card to match my McCartney!

A customer of mine had PW look at an early Bowie but I think they know each other - not sure.

That was not so clear. I meant a customer of mine had PW look at a huge high res scan, from me, of an early Bowie I was selling. I believe they have some relationship friends etc. Bowie was given thumbs up btw and sold :)

I've been dealing and buying from Paul Wane at Tracks since the early 1990's. As a Frank....they usually don't give a thumbs up or down or a valuation on an autograph...or a good piece of memorabilia unless you're looking to sell the item. Someone wanted to know the year of the Harrison that I posted. This is from the mid 1980's...



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