What do you think? Your opinion is wanted! Are these good photos to get signed or not in your opinion?

H all,

Obviously, I think they are. But I'd appreciate and value your opinions. I am going to try and get Waters this September. I already have a 1984 promo Pros & Cons LP signed. $37 on eBay - w/Rogers blessing. You know I like the unusual, the official product or promo photo, studio stamps etc...no copy stuff...I have that thread "Qualities of an Autograph" or whatever...this shows Roger Waters and the "Mother" character (Major to the Wall), and the boy that is playing a young Roger, discussing a scene in the making of The Wall. "Dead" photo? Rarity? Ever see one signed by Waters? Everyone has The Wall or DSOTM signed in paint pen etc...

The next is a first pressing UK LP postcard insert (rough edges correct as well as printing on reverse) Wish You Were Here 1975 Postcard by Storm Thorgerson. Classic, no? Seems great potential for superb contrast? The whole idea of absence - Syd, now Rick, themselves back then...like? Dislike? Wasted opportunity or prescient choices thses two photographs? Does the artist always need to be seen onstage with his instrument?

This is highly glossy and black ballpoint will be desired. 

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Neither would be my cup of tea personally, but it is about what you will be happy with and if these hold special meaning to you then I say go for it!

Well, what do you suggest? I am all ears!

I have added the following 1980 Wall promo 4x6 postcard. I want to get good contrast without reverting to the Wall LP everyone has. 

I would only suggest something that you will be happy with. All your ideas are different then the normal lps being signed.

It personally wouldn't bother me going with an LP cover, but I completely understand why NOT to go that route.

There are already so many why bother?...So
going unique makes it equally more special, but also a harder sale (in case you needed to part with it) which leads to my thinking...If you are going unique make sure it is something so special to you that you would never want to part with it!

I don't have an individual suggestion, anything signed by Roger I would appreciate (I would go with Animals because I love the album and tge cover image very much) or maybe I am overthinking it anyways. :)

Thanks Adam! :)

No, No, I looked at many professional moody/cloudy/overexposed "rich" photographic prints available to purchase of Battersea Power Station. You have made me look again! How obvious - the potential for superb contrast in the sky, which is predominant in several prints. 

I love the Battersea Power Station! Show me what you find! That appeals to me personally!


Hi Eric, these souvenirs are fine for signing and collecting, good luck!

Thanks Nicky - I think so too! :)

If there's a chance to get a second item signed, then something unique could be the way to go, but my first choice would always be the album that I personally like the best.

Also, messing around with ballpoint pens with big names like Waters is a gamble. Roger signs really fast, so even the best of markers rarely manage to keep up. The bigger the item, the bigger the signature usually too, and perhaps a lesser chance of getting an abbreviated signature.

Thank you. Yes, that is true, but I want vintage, original and licensed and not common - there is not much to choose from. Most collectors and auctions sites like eBay and related sites are all signed Wall LP's - no thanks. I have my promo LP of Pros and Cons signed in 84. These are things I think will be appreciated more, in time. The original promo images, stills, flats etc. Promotional material. So much today is not even licensed - all those 8x10's and 11x14's. I also tried to find licensed original things he might be happy to sign (if this even happens). Has anyone seen any of these signed? Rarity or "uniqueness" is not all - I believe these are significant images. That famous Thorgeson image is so glossy Sharpie might not grab or bite at all and end up hairlined. Ballpoint will also add that vintage touch.  I appreciate your opinions! :)

I like the b/w "The Wall" promotional still. Would be unique with a nice association. I would be a bit worried that the ink pen signature might get signed in a darker area though. The smaller "Wish You Were Here" postcard would fit nicely in a matted ensemble and the signature should stand out. Good luck getting the signatures, Eric!

Hello Joe,

Thank you. I hoped you might like that b/w. With Roger, the little boy and the Mother it seems a killer idea as an original 1982 (?) promo photo. Wall promo litho post card by Scarfe (original 1980 Promo) "should" be signed at top, and have reasonable contrast. I know it is a bit busy bit a black sharpie. The WYWH original card, by Thorgeson, I expect great things from that. Small, awesome image, serious contrast potential. Super glossy like laminated needs black ballpoint. Now lets hope to get them signed in September! Thanks Joe!



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