You might recall that before he died Michael Jackson’s autograph was not too outrageously expensive.  But after Michael Jackson passed away unexpectedly, the price of his autograph soared and really never came back down. Of course, it’s not very often when a music King, like the King of Pop, passes away.

Even before Prince’s unexpected passing, his autograph was already expensive due to popularity and rarity.  It’s long been difficult to find authentic Prince autographs.  But after Prince died, the price of his autographs shot up even more, a lot more, and they haven’t come back down.

I remember reading an article, before David Bowie died, predicting that David Bowie autographs would be the next music autograph to really take off.  And since Mr. Bowie died, sure enough, the price for his pen-to-paper has increased quite a bit.

So I ask, which music star’s autograph price, which today is relatively reasonable, won’t be so reasonable in the relatively near future?  And no, this is not an exercise in predicting the next major music star to kick the bucket.  It’s just a prediction of autograph pricing...for whatever reason.

Feel free to name multiple stars if you’d like.

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Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd 

if you're talking about values, I think you can almost think of bigger names and legends as large caps stocks, with the smaller names on the rise being like small cap stocks. The small caps are MUCH cheaper and easier to get, but also it can be boom or bust.

Younger and newer acts and artists on the rise are a bit difficult to figure out, as interest in their autographs is a bit uneven among their fans. There are couple autographs I knew would go up in value (Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish), and others where I was right about their popularity spike, though the autograph market was virtually unaffected (Bebe Rexha being a good example).

Many indie bands seem to have marginal interest in their autographs despite a rise in popularity. Likewise, many of these such bands have horrific looking signatures that make them less desirable as a long-term investment. Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, and others have some of the ugliest scribbles out there, and dare I say it affects the interest in their signed items.

I thought for the longest time that Florence Welch would spike in value, a combination of enormous talent (and being among the best live performers on the planet) and being an especially difficult autograph in recent years. I've found the investment potential (at least short term) wasn't quite what I thought, even when it came to earlier, quality signatures.

I think for younger artists, it might be best to look at people who are giving quality signatures earlier in the career, and that can soon change (Florence again being a good example).

Most of the present day autographs signed by celebrities are scribble or just a initial.
A prime example is Rap Artist Kendrick Lamar. He is a rap artist, actor and Nobel Prize winner.
His early signed full name autograph are undervalued. He is one of the best rap lyricist today imo. 90's bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam & Alice In Chains should commands good money in the near future. We have already seen the prices of Nirvana signed memorabilia soared in recent auctions. 

There are still some artists who sign beautifully. I'm not sure what she's looking like these days, but Dua had a fantastic signature a couple years back. Several of the younger singers on the rise I met this year have me full, every letter signatures. Not to bring gender into the equation, but it seems like you're more likely to get a nice signature from female artists than male. 

Granted, we're living in an age where handwriting seems to have become progressively less relevant, if not a chore to some.

Pulitze not the nobel prize ;-)

I was thinking of Bob Dylan Nobel Prize in Literature !!!!! ;)

Aerosmith! Bon jovi

The way I look at it if you break it down into a decade like the 80s , metal ,pop, rock and who trandscend that era will always be for the most part collectable. 

Here's a few names I can think of in a couple categories representing artists staring at superstar status, if not quite there (mostly in the pop realm). I might be off on a couple of these:

Superior Artistic Ability, Difficult Signature (prices could go up):

Florence Welch

St. Vincent

Greta Van Fleet (circumstances seem to have changed rapidly for them over the past year+)

Billie Eilish (still tries to be fan friendly, did public signings as recently as a couple months ago, but things have changed rapidly)

Grimes (she's sweet when you can meet her, but seems more elusive than earlier in her career)

Commercially huge but still fan friendly:

Katy Perry


Lady Gaga (depends on the circumstance and who you ask)

Taylor Swift (same deal, probably about as accessible as she can be given the circumstances)

Pearl Jam, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Metalica, ozzy are obvious safe buys. britney spears and taylor swift for the creepers. Foo Fighters autographs are selling pretty high.. i can't see any newer bands achieving rock god status and bring in huge bucks for their autographs. panic at the disco is a huge act but most of their fans are teen girls who don't collect autographs. imagine dragons maybe? do soccer moms collect autographs?

Guessing the 1980 lineup of ACDC has gone up pretty quickly, considering circumstances over the past few years.



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