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I've been writing blogs for the past few years, sharing my experiences collecting in-person.  I think I have told some interesting stories and I have also let people know who has been signing and who hasn't.  Apparently my latest blog didn't make the cut to be "featured."  Yes, it got approved and it's posted under "blogs" at the top of the page.  But how many people know to click that to read a blog?  When you see a blog on the home page, and then you see "view all," one would think you would view all blogs- not just the featured ones.  

I saw that my blog was approved, but couldn't find it.  I decided to click "blogs" at the top of the page and to my surprise, my favorite blogger- Josh Board had written 2 blogs that I hadn't read because those weren't "featured" either.  I guess I just assumed that all new blogs would be on the home page.

Kinda seems like a waste of time to write a story if nobody knows where to find it.  Or maybe my stories are bad- I can accept that, and just shut up. 

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What do you all think of this?

I changed from featuring to 10 of the latest blogs, but I'm only listing the titles.

One of the reasons I was using featured blogs is that sometimes images at the top of blogs pushed Forum post listings under it too far down the page. This way the images don't show.

I like it!


Steve Cyrkin, care to chime in?

I think the blogs should all be shown on the side, the same way we see newbies write "is my Robert Plant circle on this matchbook real or fake?" Instead of getting 5 of those a day...let's see the blogs!!!! Even if it is just Coachgd and I writing them!!!!!

Oops! I see Steve did chime in.

I think priorities should just be featured somewhere else. Unless we start getting 10 blogs a day, and they're lame...but I doubt that will happen. If somebody takes the time to blog something, it's probably going to be interesting.


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