Bought it on eBay.  The Ebay account is an estate sale with a lot of Star Trek autograph items.

For $35.00 I thought it was worth a shot.  

FWIW seller offered money back guarantee +$50.00 if it is not authenticated by a reputable authentication company.

I have looked at a lot Shatner autographs and am not confident.  Although different autographs do seem to be all over the place with little consistency.  The S dipping down below the other letters makes me nervous.  There isn't a noticeable 'h" either that a lot of his autographs do have.  These inconsistencies could be due to the thick pen on such a small space.

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I don't like it.

Without even bringing authenticity into question, I don't like it because it's so thick that it looks like it was signed with a paint brush.

There are so many things wrong with it I am starting to believe it is genuine.

How could someone create such a bad forgery?

The eBay account has a lot of Star Trek autograph items.  Maybe the fan tried to replicate Shatner's autograph on a card.  As I mentioned it was from an estate sale.

Kevin, Shatner, or his people, is/are not difficult to contact. Google, CONTACT WILLIAM SHATNER, there's lots of pages available for contact links.

Send a pic of your card, maybe even link this page as well, and mention that you are considering a large purchase from this seller (link his items as well) and was reluctant thus far due to concerns over authenticity, some of the signatures look odd. Mention you're a big Star Trek fan as well as a fan of his.

You might hear from him, or a close associate. He's not as inaccessible as most.

I would avoid it. Not typical,the old "estate sale". His graphs aren't that cheap but there's plenty of good ones.He might be tailing Pete Rose for most signed graphs.

Estate sale + dead Grandpa's attic + my uncle Pete's old army footlocker = the three most often quoted sources used to represent total s**t as shinola.

$24 to join and you get a signed 8x10

Thank you!

I wonder if the autograph is a facsimile.  It seems too good to be true.

Is that fan club affiliated with William Shatner?

I don't like the "lm" and the "tner" specifically, but I am used to him c. 1968, the 1970's and a bit perhaps up to 1994.

I haven't seen a fanclub signed photo yet. I do remember two members here complaining they never received anything from his site.Would like to see the photo, cause if their real,I would join.

It does say on the site that it can take 12 weeks to receive the items.

Maybe people were expecting it faster.   



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