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Willie Nelson - Energy Follows Thought, Signed Pre-Orders

Book was just announced - Quail Ridge Books has a preorder link up for signed copies, but they do have a disclaimer saying they don’t know how many (if any) they’ll get. You can leave a note in your order saying you’re only interested if they do get signed copies, so I figured it was worth a shot. Not sure if anyone here has experience with them - most of the other preorders they have on their page are ones I’ve seen elsewhere, so I don’t think it’s out of the question they’ll get some in stock. Link here - you have to scroll down. https://www.quailridgebooks.com/featured-signed-preorders

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Not saying this will be, but pretty sure last time Willie did a signed pre-order they ended up being autopen. I still might take my chances since I don't have him yet. 

The signed Jada Pinkett Smith book looks interesting. I wonder if the opening page has a 3D pop-out Will Smith hand that slaps you in the face? 

Keep my wife's name out your f-ing book!!

She was going to name it "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" but alas, it was already taken. 

I saw the Willie book there Friday but I hesitated and the next day I noticed that where it said "Some signed copies will be available to pre-order! in the description was no longer there so I figured they must have sold out of what they expected to get. I saw someone say he had auto-penned a previous book so I got nervous and it may end up being another one I'll regret not jumping on if it ends up being real lol   

I took a gamble on it, I just put in the checkout not to send it if it's not the signed version. So hopefully they just refund if they don't get them. Now I'll just have to worry about autopen lol. 

I did notice on their website it said orders over $50 get free shipping but it still charged shipping, so if anyone orders might want to pay attention to that... unless they start that at literally over $50, like $50.01, and $50 doesn't count. 

yeah, I tried to research it first, and apparently, that previous book had a signature and a doodle that were exactly the same on all the books, and from what I read it wasn't autopen, but actually printed on the page. then I came across one on Amazon and if you look at the description he says (not an Autopen) so technically he's not lying, but still a scumbag because he knows it's not real

If I remember right I think he did an actual autopen on one of his cds that came out a few releases ago. I could be wrong, I can't remember anything these days lol... I don't think he's put out anything "signed" directly since he got called out for that. I've keep somewhat of a watch since I've wanted his signature for awhile but don't want to pay a ton for it. 

but yeah that is pretty scummy to put not an autopen for a printed signature, it shouldn't say signed at all. 

Man, I hadn't heard about him doing autopen CDs and I hope they didn't look like this one,  if so I guess I'm a scumbag too because I had a couple of these years ago that I sold when I was broke, I was just learning about auto pen back then and I remember that the signatures weren't exact so hopefully this isn't the one you are talking about lol. 

I can't remember which one it was trying to find it now. But it was roughly around 2018... I just seen a post going through old ones that  mentioned being burned by Kenny Chesney and Willie Nelson in the signed direct sales posts from 2018 but I'll keep looking. 

Found more posts, it was the last man standing album, but I believe people were thinking they were ghost signed/secretarial and not autopen. Not sure if anyone proved one way or the other. 

I received this email from Quail Books:


Thank you for your pre-order. Unfortunately, we just found out from the publisher that Willie Nelson will only be writing one signature and copies of that signature will be printed into this book. Do you still want a copy? Please reply to let us know.

We appreciate your support of our small business!”

I cancelled my order. Bummer, but it is what it is.


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