Hey guys

At the time there are so many companies out there to authenticate your stuff. Is JSA the best or Beckett, or something else.. Who do you trust?

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Proceed with caution. I've looked long and hard at these big name authentication services. I do not care or trust the one size fits all approach. I find the authenticators that specialize in specific areas are much more reliable. Experienced collectors are better than TPA services.

I would not invest a pug nickel into a TPA service unless I was intending to sell immediately and believe it would enhance the bottom line. Nobody knows what the future holds and a good reputation can go south very quickly.

The self appointed tpa's!

The ones that ask for money

I don't use any and do my own work - it is fun and my chosen hobby - why pay someone else to enjoy it/understand it? And I don't need them to sell thankfully. But that's is me - JoeW is right - there is no one size fits all approach.

yea sure that's a good point, but I don't know every signature out there, and there are also so many fakes out there so I want someone who knows the sognature to have a look over it... 

Agreed! No one can. I only claim to know a handful very, very well. When I want a new signature I learn it best I can over time and ask questions and collect exemplars etc. I look to see what sells for how much where/when. I want to at least be "in" on the decision - if not making it - if I can't "see it" I don't buy it. I often ask opinions as well from others - like you.  :)

The witch from the Wizard of oz!

That was my first answer but I could not remember if East was one of the good ones - Glinda?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer in my opinion. If you can elaborate on the subject area of the autograph, you may get some helpful feedback.

15 dollars please

These TPAs - even the best of them - sell themselves as something they're really not, which is all knowledgeable. In the same of business and profits, they also inevitably submit themselves to bad practices and lazy habits. Since there's really no one to keep them accountable, they can get away with more than they should. Therefore, even the best of them aren't really that good, which makes them, in my opinion, largely pointless.



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