World Cup/Sports Forgeries eBay seller worldcupbrazil1414 THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Yet another new eBay ID selling cheap horrific forgeries. This is eBay seller worldcupbrazil1414 selling "The Auto Scouts" forgery ring fakes. The Auto Scouts are a professional forgery ring that survives via eBay. Anytime there is a big "sporting event" or super famous athlete, they have forgeries of them to sell. 

Take a look at this junk:

Absolutely sickening how many eBay IDs this forgery ring sells on. Once one is shut down, another pops up. 

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What a bunch of dirtbags!!!

It's unreal the amount of crap this Forgery Ring sells every day on ebay. That Peyton Manning! lol Are people that stupid that they can't tell the same idiot signed "Manning" on both Peyton & Eli's forgeries?


This forgery ring is MASSIVE and survives via eBay. If eBay would simply take note of where the money goes on these accounts, they could take down a gigantic forgery ring that spans the entire country.

The above LeBron forgery sold for $112. Just unreal how much money this group makes for eBay...

eBay continues to allow worldcupbrazil1414 sell horrific "The Auto Scouts" forgeries, including this horrible Puig below:

Isn't it convenient how eBay seller worldcupbrazil1414 went from having EVERY World Cup Star's "autograph" on balls, photos, jerseys, shorts to *magically* having every MLB All-Star's "autograph" on a 2014 All-Star ball right after the All-Star game?

Someone spent $400 on this "team-signed" Germany jersey. Absolutely unreal! All signed by the same hand:



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