This is simply ridiculous. Feel free to report this garbage:

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Followed by the worst Roger Waters I've seen -  same seller. No attempt at all.

Please do report this garbage. 

These Bowie forgeries make me sad.  I met David many times over the years, and received dozens of autographs from him in person.  He was such a generous signer in his lifetime.  It’s shameful the crap people are peddling since his death.

To lighten the mood slightly, here is the worst autograph I ever received from David.  This was signed for me in person, in February 2002.  You’d think it’s a fake, but I can guarantee it’s 100% real:


I find that obviously genuine, thanks for sharing.

Here is one of mine: Click for full image.

Very nice.  I love the vintage ones.

Here’s another from my collection, signed in August 1972.  This one is for sale, via Andy’s Bowie autograph website, if anyone is interested:


Very nice again. I help out at Andy's site. My area is 1976-1980 mostly.

I know Andy; good guy.  Some of my Bowie autographs are on his website already.

Mine too :)

Love the Sailor"!

This one is much nicer than the 2002 example I posted earlier.  Signed for me in July 2000:


Very Nice.

And another of mine. Click for full image.


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