This is simply ridiculous. Feel free to report this garbage:

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Nice LP, Eric! What does the inscription read?

CD. Thanks Luke. It reads "for David best wishes Bo 2002." The underline is also a bit unusual.

I actually really like the first you posted Ste.

The wonky one from 2002?

Still not sure what happened with that.  There’s video footage available of him signing it for me.  It was fairly relaxed, not too many people there, but somehow it came out like it did.

I would never sell anything he signed for me in person, but I am willing to sell the Ziggy autograph I posted.

You are most fortunate. I saw him front row center during the 4 date Ballroom Tour of 1996 at Roseland Ballroom, sadly gone now, his 50th B'day and a heck of a lot more before and after - but never got to meet him.

I was at both those shows: Roseland 1996 and the 50th birthday gig at MSG.  I actually got into MSG early that day, and saw the last-minute dress rehearsal with all the guests, but that’s another story.

Wow! They were both incredible shows. IIRC the same Beethoven was played before he leapt on stage in '96 as in the Ziggy film. Do you recall?

This should bring back memories Steve - 1996 Roseland Heroes:

Embarrassingly, I don’t.  That is what comes of seeing too many shows, I guess.

I saw the Boston Avalon show the night before Roseland 1996, also.

Saw him a lot of times in NYC, and I’m not even an American.  I was at the A&E Live By Request show at Sony Music Studios, Last Call with Carson Daly, the Today Show, Snug Harbor on Staten Island, St. Ann’s Warehouse in Dumbo, etc.

Me too - too many shows, Bowie, Floyd, Waters, Gilmour, Radiohead, Pumpkins, Byrne...

One show I recall was the '97 GQ Awards because he did My Death.

I worked out a while ago that I saw him perform “My Death” 16 times.  Then again, I saw the Outside Tour 35 times in total.  I kid you not.

I could do this all day :-)




One more, an extremely rare “Sailor” example, signed on the bottom of a novelty, plastic tugboat:




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