I bought this in 1998. It came with a certificate. Thoughts?


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Regrettably not authentic in my opinion.

Really. It came with a lifetime warranty and pictures of the team signing...What do I do? One of the owners of the company that signed the certificate advertises on this site..Don't want to trash him if it could be real.. Anyone else have any thoughts on authenticity?

I have full confidence in my opinion as a long time Yankee collector, but I understand wanting to get second opinions.

What is the company?

would rather email u privately. Not ready to call out this company...


I share Steve's concerns about this jersey

I saw this posted it last night.

Not authentic at all.

Click on the below image to get a closer view.

I have had it hanging in my office for years.

Roy, the important thing is what you believe.  If you feel it is authentic, and it gives you pleasure to have it hanging in your office, then continue to display it.  Authenticity would become an issue if you ever wanted to sell it, however.

True .I was trying to sell it and the coa is worthless

coa's are all worthless, the signature(s) stand on their own, regardless of who "authenticated" them.

I will add that this is, without a doubt, one of the many forgeries that exploded on the market after the 98 team won the series.

Unless you and Chris Williams start an MM authentication service and issue COAs. Then, the COAs are golden, and that's a fact. :)



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