You Notice That Somebody Has Fake Autographs Displayed Proudly On Their Wall - Do You Tell Them?

You notice that somebody has a fake autograph displayed proudly on their wall, maybe picture of a current sitcom star or perhaps something from a bigger league...A signed copy of Sgt. Peppers perhaps with signatures you recognise as coming from Southern California which might represent a major financial loss for them.

Do you play it safe and say nothing? Or would you take a more proactive stance that might actually help the guy get his money back? How would you play it? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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not if they are proud of it and have it on their wall for a long time; - believe me they will not thank you for pointing it out!!

No Michelle it's not the kind of thing you will find in a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" but then if the world were made of diplomats things might take a long time changing!

It would depend on how sure I would be. I would recommend him to ask for further authentication, with honest opinion that I think that item is not authentic.

Years ago a dealer in NY told me that his son's doctor proudly displayed walls of signed albums in his office. He didn't think one of them was good, and he knows rock. I believe he said they were from American Royal Arts. He didn't say a word.

As for me? I'd say something in most cases, hoping the person had a chance of getting a refund.

A friend of mine is a musician and he has 2 Jimi hendrix exp displayed proudly on his wall, he isnt a collector of graphs or dealer,he just uses the fake signed albums as inspiration for his music. There's no point telling him because he hasn't spent thousands of dollars on them.

That's quite interesting Paul and makes me think. I have a sneaky feeling that attitude might be more common than makes sense for any number of reasons. If somebody wanted a set of autographs to impress visitors for example, well aware that most people would not be in a position to challenge the piece's authenticity then a cheap but decent looking forgery might achieve their objective. I wonder how many people just don't care as opposed to being real fans who have been expensively deceived?

On the other hand ive shown people my beatles signed lps that are on my wall, which are authentic and ive even emailed the women who had one of them signed in 67 a couple of times, anyway the peoples responce was there not real, how do you know there real etc..
The reaction isnt wow the beatles.
Most people automatically think all autographs are fake, they don't understand that you can actually do research on autographs.
Yes very true, to the non collector they dont mean too much anyway.

Indeed not everybody cares or could tell the difference anyway. If you showed most people these two albums and asked them which one they wanted which do you think they would they choose?

I expect most here know the correct answer but I think it's only that knowledge that would make you choose the right one.

The second.

Back in the 90s this pub used to hang a few grunge artist on their sports room walls, anyway they had a sign next to them these autographs are fake because the patrons would high tail them out of the pub if they were real.

But the first one comes with a COA from a forensically qualified authenticator (-:



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