Your Favorite Comic Book related Autograph or Convention Story.

The comic book industry is probably my area of expertise mainly because I get to work with a lot of the writers and artists every year to help raise money for the charity I work with named The Hero Initiative. I am on their Regional Board and what I do is handle setting up at conventions and recruiting volunteers to help run the tables and watching the lines and selling product. We have artists and writers drop by to do signings and sketches for donations.


But I also get to meet a lot of celebrities at these same conventions so it is all good. But I pay my own way and don't get reimbursed for any of my expenses.

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That's cool. When (the now defunct) Innovation published the comic book series "Lost In Space" back in the 90s based on the characters from the 1960s TV show, I collected every isue that came out. Bill Mumy (Will Robinson) served as "Alpha Control" for the first 12 issues. Mark Goddard (Major Don West) contributed one story for issue #7, based on his character. I've met Mark and he signed my copy of this issue. Bill wrote the entire storyline for the second year--"Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul", which abruptly ended halfway through the story due to Innovation suddenly going beely-up and disappearing. In 2005 a publisher was formed so that Bill's story could finally be told in completion as a graphic novel. I was able to meet the cast in Oct. 2006 (Bill, Mark, Angela Cartwright.."Penny Robinson", Marta Kristen.."Judy Robinson" and Bob May.. "the Robot"). I had them all sign in the book next to their characters and Bill even signed the cover, too.
When I met Rosario Dawson I didn't even realize I already knew her uncle and he is an artist. But she got involved with Revolver Studios and they came out with a book she helped create and also was the main character so she was around for a couple of years supporting the studio and the book and we became friends.
Last year at the Chicago Comic-Con Ray (Darth Maul & Snake Eyes) Park and Kristanna (Terminator 3 & Painkiller Jane) Loken donated some signatures for Hero initiative and Ray signed some G.I.Joe comics and Kristanna signed some Painkiller jane comics then I mailed them all off to CGC and had them graded and certified and now we will sell them for some donation money. But the signatures are witnessed and verified at these shows and I am actually a certified witness for CGC.

I have to say some of the celebrities are fantastic to deal with like Ray and Kristanna and they help as much as they can. Ray has donated signatures to us for many years and is just fantastic.

I have attached some pictures.

A few years back i got to meet Alex Ross and Geoff Johns at a comic show and what was amazing was that they did not limit what they signed for any body! My favorite item signed was a batle of the planets comic book he did and a teen titans comic book signed by geoff johns.

Got this comic signed while I was an intern at Todd McFarlane Productions in Tempe. During my senior year at ASU I worked under the Public Relations Director and after about a day or two when I heard that Todd was going to be in the office, I was certain to wear my Eric Desjardins Canadians jersey and bring this comic with me for him to sign. He was a cool dude. (and he loved the fact that an Arizona native was wearing a Canadians jersey).

Love the McFarlane.  Great artistic signature. I need one of these for my collection.
I mailed Bill Mumy's graphic novel "Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul" to June Lockhart, asking her to sign on the inside page where the others had signed next to their characters. She opted to sign the cover next to Bill's signature.

Hi Chris


Comics is my other collecting passion. In fact, I am the president of the Comic Book Collecting Association (CBCA). We should get together and work on something jointly.


I love it when my hobbies intersect. I have bene getting comics and books signed for may years at comic cons. Unfortunately, the introduction of CGC Signature Series has made every other signature "suspect."


This is the crown jewel of my signed comics:



Here is a small sampling of some signed comics stuff... just what I happen to have in Photobucket at the moment.










Meeting and getting autographs from, Bob Kane, Gil Kane, Jerry Siegel, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby ( once he would only sign DC books ), Joe Simon, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane,  Silvestri, Eric Larsen,Neal Adams, Joe Staton, John Romita & JRJR, Robert Kirkman, Capullo,  Art Adams, George Perez, George Tuska, and Hundreds more.


My favorite original art and comic pages that I have are from Mcfarlane, Both Romita's, Tuska, Jim Lee, Joe staton, Larsen, Ottley, Van Sciver and others.


comic conventions are a side hobby of mine even though I may get to go to one every few years.  I was able to help as the comic guest coordinator for  Adventure Con for 2 years. I made lasting friendships with many of today's top artists and writers.


That's not even mentioning the countless celebs I have met at these shows the best being Adam West and Burt Ward many times ( in 2007 Adam sang Happy Birthday to my son as only he can do ).


I'll try to post pics later.

I first went to the San Diego Comic Con in 1992, and I couldn't wait to go back!  Unfortunatley, I had to wait till '96 to go back!  But since '96, I've gone to it every year.  Since the San Diego Con has gotten so popular, it has gotten close to impossible to buy tickets.  That's why you see so many of these new comic cons popping up all the country and Canada (most of them are done by Wizard World; by the guy who used to publish Wizard magazine, Gareb Shamus).  I have been to other comic cons in Long Beach, Anaheim, Oceanside, and Pasadena for BotCon (Transformers convention).  I've enjoyed all the other comic cons, but San Diego's con is the best because it has everything (comics, artists, writers, celebrities, anime, manga, video games, gaming, the most free stuff, and much more!).  You want celebrity autographs, go to Anaheim!  You want smaller cons with artists, go to Long Beach or the Oceanside So Cal Con.  You want more free stuff than you can possibly carry, and to see lots of things, you go to San Diego.  I've gotten so many autographs from artists and writers, it would take too long to remember and name them all.  In fact, there are so many other people with comic con experiences, you could start a whole new autograph group based comic book signatures!  Hint! Hint!

Had a fantastic time this past weekend working with Hero Initiative at the HeroesCon show in Charlotte North Carolina. This is what I call a true comic convention mainly because no media guests and pretty much nothing from outside of the comic book industry is at this show.

Below you will see a picture of my volunteer crew with artist Karl Kesel and he was flown in by Hero Initiative to help raise money all weekend. Plus we had a large signing at the booth for our New Avengers 100 Covers book. We had Andy Smith, Roy Thomas, Alex Saviuk, Dave Johnson, Craig Rousseau, Chris Moreno and Stuart Saygar. Had several extra books signed plus had a few sketched. One of the books has two sketches and one has 3 and the last has 5.

Hope to meet some of you at conventions just look up the Hero Initiative booth. I will be attending the following shows WW Chicago (August), DragonCon (Labor Day Weekend) and New York Comic-Con October. The last one I will be doing an entire week in New York to celebrate my 50th birthday which is actually mid-September.



Chris - I'll be at the NYCC. I'll make a point to introduce myself.  Steve



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