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Is anything more exciting than meeting one of your favorite celebrities in-person?

Tell us about your favorite one and upload pics—whether you got an autograph or not!

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Bob Dylan in New Orleans after he did Jazz fest in 1993.  He stood across the street from the hotel in a straw hat and signed one for me, my ex wife and my son.  He smiled and was very nice.  Well maybe Dylan in Chatanooga TN May 1994.  He signed at least 20 autographs after the show including a guitar.  I got 3!

I do have a couple experiences. One was back in 2002, I worked on the movie "Bruce Almighty" with Jim Carrey. In the industry I am what you call a propmaker. We are the lower class of the industry." Below the the line", is what it is referred as. Any way Jim Carrey the day after the shooting finished, rented 6 Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park for 300 cast & crew members and gave each 4 tickets Max attending 1200 people . Parking, Food,All Rides were all taken care of. The place was like ghost town. Jennifer Anston,  Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman were all there. My son got a picture and autograph I will need to find to post them.





You lucky SOB, Morgan Freeman is freaking awesome!
I met Gene Simmons at a race track I was working at. We weren't allow to get autographs while working. But it made for some great observations. Mr Simmons was by far one of the best I've ever seen. This guy went out of his way to talk with his fans. He would even get down on a knee to talk with kids. He even came over to my partner & me to talk to us. 
 Man I wish I had had a record with me that day!
Meeting catherine bach, james best, and especially ben jones at diffrent times was awsome.Also meeting classic rock acts in person is awsome as well. Meeting davy jones at our local radio station has to the best. About six years ago he was at our local radio station doing an interview to promote his concert. In between the interviewi knocked on the window and hollered if i could get his autograph. He knodded and gave the thumbs up. A few minutes later a dj came to the door and asked if i wanted something signed. I handed her my book of his auto biography and watched him sign  the book through the glass. I am hoping to see the monkees tour this summer and get their autographs in person so we will see what happens.
My best meeting of a celebrity was someone I didn't even get to meet. While at Cardinals fan fest 2010, while the players were exiting the field to hit the lockers after they were done, I manage to sneak through the crowds to get to the side exit of the field to get autographs of players (a decision I wouldn't regret because I managed to get autographs of actual players, not crappy practice squad members). That is were I saw Larry Fitzgerald, the playing legend. I couldn't get his autograph, he was so far away. He wasn't that far though, he sat under a tree having a pick nick with his wife and child. Didn't get his autograph or actually meet him but the fact that this playing legend was only 30 feet away from me was so special, I feel like I've met him.

Definitely Bono and Edge from U2.  My sister and I flew to Boston to see two shows on the Vertigo Tour in May 2005.  The first show we waited for a few hours outside the Fleet Center loading dock.  Adam Clayton drove by, but he's the only one we saw.  The second show, the weather was decidedly colder, and there was a constant drizzled outside.  The crowd of fans was quite small, but we stuck it out.  Around 5:30, I decided that this just wasn't happening, so I ran back to the hotel across the street to put my coat in my room.  I got a call as soon as I opened the door to my room: "Edge just pulled up."  Great I thought - blown opportunity.  I decided to take a quick bathroom trip - and another phone call came in.  This time it was a guy's voice saying, "Hi, how you doing."  Yes, Edge called me while I was taking a leak. 

I started back to the Fleet Center and saw a group of about 10 - 15 people huddled around an SUV.  I made it back in time to meet Bono!  My sister had already like locked arms with him, lol.  She grabbed my CD from me and gave it to Bono , saying,"Could you sign this - he just got back from Afghanistan."  Bono looked straight at me and said "Afghanistan, really?" and signed my CD with the inscription "Glad you're back." 


Being a huge U2 fan, this was a moment to treasure.

There are three---two if you group the first together. The first is when I lived in San Diego county and worked at a Jack in the Box in Sept. 1993 during the e-coli breakout. I was the opening shift manager on the last Sunday of the month and there were no customers in the dining room or the drive-through. This man walked in and ordered a senior's coffee. I took his order and told him the cost. As he was getting the exact change from his hand I thought to myself "Gee he looks familiar". I went through my mental rolodex and the only name I could come up with was Micky Dolenz from "The Monkees". When he looked up as he handed me his money I zeroed in on his eyes and there was little doubt that it was Micky. He must have noticed my look of recognition, as he didn't smile. I figured that perhaps he didn't want to be recognized so I didn't ask or say anything. But I knew his autobiography had recently come out so I went to the bookstore to write down the publisher's address so that I could write and ask Mr. Dolenz if he had been the gentleman I'd waited on. He did acknowledge in writing that it had been him. This led to attending my first Monkees concert in 1994 after I'd moved to FL when the guys were touring for their 30th anniversary. Someone had encouraged me to get a backstage pass after the concert and how to go about obtaining one. It worked! I was thrilled!  The second memorable is when first year Mouseketeer Don Underhill expressed his desire to come to my place to thank me in person for replacing a lot of the Mickey Mouse Club memorabilia he'd lost to the Aspen wildfires that ravaged his home and business in 2003. That meeting took place near Thanksgiving in 2004. And he treated me to Thanksgiving dinner at a nearby Denny's.
Cool story!

Wow, so many to name, Joe Di Maggio in a lobby of a hotel, Jimmy Stewart and Ringo Starr at the Jimmy Stewart Marathon, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt outside back of Golden Globes but maybe the easiest ever was heard Roger Staubach was doing a speech at a downtown LA hotel and I pulled into valet to check out the layout and as I get out of car up comes Roger from doing a morning  jog.  I greeted him and asked how his run went and we talked for a couple mins and I told him why I was there he looked shocked but walked over to my trunk as I opened it and signed all my items.  I was in/out 10 mins and got 4 things signed.  Lots of autos at the radio station KLOS but my fave was an accidental one I was outside a bldg in Beverly Hills and a limo pulled up and George Burns got out.  I talked to him and we sat down on a bench and he smoked a cigar complaining about the smoking laws.  He signed a blank card for me as I was unprepared.


Not mine, but a great story I heard.  Was selling at a show this weekend.  A potential customer came to my table wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers hat and jacket.  I let him know I had a framed 8x10 picture of Podres, Campy, and Don Hoak after they beat the Yanks in 55, signed by Podres.  Show was slow and we started chatting.   Guy must have been in his mid-60's and was telling me about Ebbetts Field.  He lived across the street and knew where to stand to meet the players.  Said the only guy who very rarely stopped to sign and chat was Campy (which surprised me).   What he and his friends used to do was give the players self addressed stamped index cards and then they'd mail them back.  In June of '55 he handed a card to a young player by the name of Sandy Koufax.  Sandy signed, mailed it back.   He said what is cool about those, he still has them, is the postmark.  As it tells you the approximate date of the signature and obviously when it was mailed.  Well, this was postmarked June 24, 1955 the day he made his major league debut.


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