There were many actors and other real people who were mentioned, but did not actually appear on The Andy Griffith Show.  I thought it might be fun to try to name some.  We all know that Barney and Thelma Lou love George Raft movies!  Howard and Andy discussed what notable quotation Calvin Coolidge said.   Barney in the episode "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man" is seen combing his hair trying to look like Rock Hudson!  There is a photograph of Hudson shown. 

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Barney trying to look like Rock!

I think is one of the new times that a real life actor's photograph appeared in the show.  If anyone knows of any others please post them.

What about Leonard Blush

Thanks Frank.  I was thinking more of real people who were mentioned on the show but did not appear in person.  Your mentioning Leonard Blush is great, and I  am going to start a discussion about characters who never appear on screen.  Leonard is actually one of those very rare character's that you hear but do not see.  The voice of singer Leonard Blush was Howard Morris.  Morris also did the voice of the radio announcer in "The Family Visit" episode. 

CARY GRANT is another actor that is mentioned on the show.  Goober does his famous "Judy, Judy, Judy" impersonation of him in the "Fun Girls" episode.  

EDWARD G. ROBINSON is another actor that Goober not only impersonates but claims also to look like.

Goober impersonating Edward G. Robinson.

If I am not mistaken I think Rock Hudson is mentioned another time. When Andy is talking to Aunt Bea. He says something like Rock does it for you. Not sure the episode. I am thinking it may be the episode where they come to film Mayberry for a backdrop and all the Folks change their appearances. I may be way off, I haven't watched this episode in quite some time. something just came to me. If I am wrong I apologize!

Thanks Frank.  You know I think you are right it seems to me Andy did tease Aunt Bee about Rock Hudson I will have to try to find it.  I need to find my Edward G. Robinson autograph to post too.  I do not have Hudson I don't think. 

Edward G. Robinson is a great autograph to own!

Just finished watching Mayberry Goes Hollywood. Season 1, disc one on DVD. Thet mention Rock Hudson, Gabby Hayes, Gary Cooper in it.
Just finished watching Mayberry Goes Hollywood. Season 1, disc one on DVD. They mention Rock Hudson, Gabby Hayes, Gary Cooper in it.




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