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I recently ordered 2 signed guitars and 1 LP. The guitars signed by all the members of Led Zeppelin and the LP by all original members of The Guess Who.

They were a gift for my friend in New Jersey who is like a brother to me. You see I'm a 63 year old vet, I'm disabled and in a wheelchair due to dealing with RA for 20 years now along with neuropathy and PAD. All 3 are incurable so I'm living day to day. My friend has been great support to me emotionally and I call him my little brother. turns out the sigs on the guitars and LP are fake..the COA is questionable and the guitars got damaged because of the shoddy way they were shipped. So I immediately called my bank and put in 3 dispute claims.

The guy called me and he's my age which makes me even sicker inside. He agreed to give me a full refund...I have the labels. He also asked me to drop my dispute and I told him no. I also told him what was said about him here on a different post I read. This guy told me on the phone he buys ALL guitars from China and they'll make ANYTHING for him. He also  has a girlfriend from the Phillipines I believe..she allegedly does the fact autographs for him. So if you come across this site looking to buy something DON'T DO IT !!!!! 

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Comment by Brian on June 18, 2020 at 5:08pm

hey bud i’m so sorry to hear about this to such a great human being from your story. i wish you each day of happiness and hope you can somehow recover and live a really full and happy life. karmas a bitch bud to these people 

Comment by bernard howard on June 19, 2020 at 9:55pm

I am impressed by the amount of money this crooked dealer or AUTOGRAPH AUTHENTICATION STORE spends on advertising. I suspect that it is over $10,000.00 per month in google shopping ad clicks. If one does a search on google shopping for BOB DYLAN AUTOGRAPH ,you will find all 25 results lead to the store
bob dylan autograph
Please realize this works with almost any popular artist searches. Here are a few examples:
Johnny Cash-

beatles autograph..beatles autograph
So my point is that the forger is spending literally tens of thousands of dollars every month in order to get clicks on google shopping
A person can do a search for Jimi Hendrix Autograph jimi hendrix autograph and you can purchase it for $731.00...What a bargain
You can do a search for the doors autograph with Jim Morrison doors autograph
and purchase the LP for $500.00
Please note that the company does not accept paypal FAQ
One would think that the chargebacks from MASTERCARD AND VISA would have the company thrown off.
Here is the GUARANTEE that offers:
"Yes, every item purchased from us comes with a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing it to be authentic. Each item has been authenticated by a 3rd party authenticator(s), and the user of the web site accepts the validity of the authentication at the time of purchase, and no other opinion of the validity of the autograph’s authentication is acceptable, or negotiable for any kind of consideration."
You have up to 30 days from reception of your order to request a return of your order. Please email us, and discuss returning your order, and the reason for said return. If we agree upon the return, we will email you a post return label you can attach to the package to pay for the return. After 30 days, we do not take any returns, or exchanges.


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