Ebay Seller Stamrand Lists Forged Signed 500 Homerun Club Baseball COA NOT Scoreboard

Immediately below are links to a few threads on Ebay sellers who have listed/sold forgeries using an old or modified Scoreboard COA.

Scoreboard did not sell forgeries!!!




Below is another Ebay seller using an old or modified Scoreboard COA to sell their forged "500 Homerun Club" baseball.

One of the biggest scams the last ten years has been the use of an old/copied/modified Scoreboard to sell forgeries.

These are easy sells because Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers who purchase the COA and not the autograph(s).

These forgeries are pathetic and laughable.

Look at this crap listed by Ebay seller Stamrand.


I will continue to expose this garbage!!!!

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