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They all look fine. However, I don't like the Williams auto. Could be ok. It really  looks shaky. Like he was nervous. Hopefully, many others will chime in.

Thanks. The Williams looks shaky to me too, it's hard to tell. Not too sure about the Mantle either, but the others look good to me. Really just not too sure about Mantle or Williams.

Trust me. I'm the foremost authority on absolutely nothing. Take my word for it. The Mantle's fine. Mantle's the first thing I look at.

Ted is fine. It's a post-stroke version - he had a stroke in 1994 and rarely signed balls after that because they were difficult to sign and turned out ugly. The rest are fine, too.

Everything is good.  I agree on the Williams not looking right and since I have not seen a post stroke signature, I cannot comment on that one,

Thanks, appreciate the opinions



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