This is another item from my child good inrecently dug out. Curious on everyone's opinions on it. It is very fadded and on a original gronnin ball. Has mantle maris houke berra ford ect. I tried my best to take good pictures but due to the fading and my trouble with glare they didn't come out great.

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More pics
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The ball is authentic in general, but the Maris is definitely clubhouse and I believe the Mantle is also, but it's so light I really can't make it out too well.  Very common practice, in fact, Yankee team balls with authentic Mantle and Maris signatures are rare.

If u was to put this up for sale what would be a fair value if the mantle and maris are clubhouse

honestly in that condition (signatures very light) with the two keys being clubhouse signed, I doubt it would bring 200.


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