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Authenticated Beatles Signatures That Are Actually Neil Aspinall Secretarials

This was previously offered at auction as a set containing authentic George and Ringo signatures, and John and Paul signatures in the hand of Neil Aspinall. However, I believe that this set is entirely in the hand of Neil. What do you think?
The George and Ringo signatures have been cut from the set and are now once again up for auction, each with an LOA from Beckett Authentication Services.

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Yeah,....all by Neil. He's run out of room for his usually elongated George Harrison signature....

but the "rris" in Harrison is the same.....

I agree. Brian Sobrero,  not so much. 

Thanks for the replies. I wonder what would happen if the John and Paul were submitted for authentication.

I initially thought the Ringo looked ok but when combined with the other 3 Neil signatures it becomes more doubtful.

Neil’s Ringo was the best of his four...he almost had that spot on....this is a nice Neil set, Pity it’s been cut up now.

Here's the LOA for Neil's Ringo:

Neil’s George signature sold for $925. Ouch.

Have you seen the video on YouTube with Steve grad and the Beatles guitar?

Where he states they are fake (which they obviously are) but more importantly said the "E" in Lennon is too pronounced... Lol... He's referring to the "o" at the end... He thinks it's a e..

So my estimation of Beckett items has drastically reduced..

He thinks it's John lennen

Here's an Aspinall Ringo signature that has been authenticated by PSA/DNA:

Aspinall never connects the "R" and the " i " in Ringo...and the 'star' is never totally formed...

+1. The top of the G tends to stick out as well.

Beckett somehow singled out the McCartney signature as being authentic, but this is actually a full set of Aspinall secretarials.


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