A large, gorgeous vintage Michael Jackson signed album sleeve from 1980 sold for a mere $485.  The seller used the always-risky Auction-format and did not have an LOA or COA.  The winner also got a vintage MJ doll and a few periodicals.  A seller does take a big risk sometimes when using the Auction format.  But let me be clear:  Michael Jackson prices have NOT been dropping by any means.  Just look at recent prices I listed below.  This was just a product of the risky auction format and NO LOA.  Unfortunately, for the most part, not having a Beckett, Epperson, PSA, or JSA LOA makes getting full value much harder.  I just wanted to show this beautiful MJ autograph and lament my not seeing the auction before it ended.  Had I seen it, the item would have gone for more for sure.

Typically, MJ autographs don’t come cheap.  About six weeks ago a Michael Jackson signed Thriller album sold for $4049, and the signature wasn’t a particularly nice looking one.  Another signed Thriller sold for $3995, and yet another Thriller signed album sold for $2880.  Within the last week or two a signed Dangerous VHS box with a slightly faded Autograph sold for $1299.  And signed photos often sell in the $1200- $1700 range.  Heck, a signed cut PSA/DNA encapsulated sold for the Best Offer from an initial price of $2750 just this week.  It was also a very nice more “modern” MJ autograph.

Anyway, I wish I would have seen the signed album sleeve from The Jacksons Triumph album while the auction was still ongoing.  Here’s a few of pics.  I think that is just a beautiful autograph.

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I have a feeling MJ stuff is really going to nosedive. 

Well it actually hasn’t been.  Like I said above, just this week one item (faded) sold for $1299.  A cut sold for some best offer from $2750.  There was also a signed photo that I didn’t list that sold for $1750.  There was also a vintage doll in the original box and signed front and back that sold this week for $3700.  So those aren’t nosediving prices.  

The low price on the autographed sleeve is a product of the auction format and NO LOA.  A couple of years ago I bought a JFK signed pamphlet without a COA in an auction format for $300.  I sold it to another guy for $800 without a COA.  That guy then got it authenticated by PSA/ DNA.  He then sold it relatively quickly with the PSA LOA for $2000.  It’s amazing how much more a seller can get with a PSA or JSA LOA.  And the auction format can be a killer.

The thing is Michael Jackson has a HUGE international fan base.  And his fans in the millions have been thoroughly pissed off by these BS allegations.  And they have been defending him big time.  Those two have said publicly for years that MJ NEVER touched them inappropriately.  People thinking these false allegations would destroy Michael Jackson’s legacy are finding this is not the case. 

If there were ever a temporary drop in prices (which there hasn’t been so far), they would rebound unless, as someone pointed out, there were many, many accusers coming forward a la Bill Cosby, and with Cosby they had proof.  But the Jackson accusers are nothing but gold diggers.  And certainly the 2005 accusations, which found Michael Jackson not guilty on all counts, didn’t ruin him.  Part of the reason for his acquittal in 2005 was partly due to Wade Robson’s testimony, UNDER OATH, that Michael NEVER touched him inappropriately.  Robson is one of the two accusers now.  He was 22 when he testified in court.  He also went on several talk shows subsequently saying what a great man Michael was and what a genuinely wonderful person Michael was.  But now he’s looking for a new income stream. 

I dont think so. Remember, there are 2 sides to every story - the doc only presented one side.

Yeah, its a hot topic right now, but give it another news cycle or two and its over.

Without unrefutable physical proof and/or a gang of more accusers coming forward Cosby style, its he said/he said.

Most folks already have a strong opinion on MJ and these accusations.

The doc. didnt present us with anything new.

Just some disturbing accusations with no real proof that it really happened.

Sorry, just some dude.  I knew someone had mentioned Bill Cosby, but couldn’t remember who exactly.  Now I remember.  Anyway, I think you’re exactly right.  Things go through a news cycle, and then people move on.  Now, if MJ has been convicted in 2005, there probably wouldn’t be a need for a Michael Jackson autograph forum.  It would have likely ruined him.  But he was found not guilty.  And I’ve always believed he was innocent.  But people will have their own opinions.  But I don’t see his fan base deserting him.  His fan base is pretty hardcore.  

Thank you. I'm French. It feels good to read you :


Thank you so much for posting this link FredD.  EVERYONE needs to listen to this, especially if for some bizarre reason you believe these two LIARS in the HBO ”documentary.”  Anyone who was suckered in by the HBO doc, needs to be fair and hear the OTHER SIDE of the story.  

Wade Robson and James Safechuck are two very sad characters.  Michael Jackson is an international treasure who gave so much of himself, not just by his musical gifts, but also by his generosity and kindness.  Michael Jackson is what the world needs more of.  

PLEASE watch this.  It’s only fair to get the other side.  Michael Jackson was a GREAT MAN and a HERO.

but michael fondled my balls and  jingled them also while moonwalking

Not funny, marc e.

A signed MJ poster without a COA sold tonight for $1200.

This isn’t the poster referenced above, but it’s one everyone should have.


it could do, ive seen a small drop in the past week from the lies being spread.

Goldins had one similarly awhile back - also a nice one :)  (sold for 920.63) which is also a good price, albeit a little higher.  Have seen a few nice deals on Goldins.





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