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a new world record for concert poster sold today just set 150 thousand dollars in auction

Hank Williams 1953 Canton, OH Genuine Original Concert Poster for |...


plus tax so around 165 . beat the old one by around 30k

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Some of the prices in that auction are pretty crazy. $4,750 for a second printing BG-105 is just silly. It’s CGC graded (9.2), but it’s still a reprint and not that rare.

Yes that is rather an odd buy for a second printing. I invested in a concert poster so hopefully it pays of in time.

A 105 2and  cgc will run around 2500 so not so crazy. I saw alot more stupid buys in that auction than that. 

The folded and dry mounted Janis Joplin concert poster for $2,250 isn’t so good.

A lot of posters get the old restoration job.

i agreee but it does sell for over 3 k in not clean condition anyway as there werent any  that were found 

theres alot worse buys in there

Wow. That’s unbelievable.

I wish it was mine, along with Northern California Pop Festival and a number of others.  I will probably put a bunch of stuff into their next auction.

Anything Janis has been skyrocketing over the last several years.  It started when they sold her Porsche, with an estimate of $200-300K and it sold for over $1.75 million.  Makes me glad that I bought the Janis items that I own.

I have a CGC 9.8 BG-105-2 that I would be willing to part with for $5,000. A way better deal than $4,750 for a 9.2.  But, overall, I am ecstatic about the prices.  I have three 105-2s in total, along with numerous first print cards and several ticket sets.

I’m fortunate to have a first and second printing. The second printing in NM used to go for about $700-800, which I thought was pretty expensive for a reprint. I can’t see paying thousands for a reprint in any condition.



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