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a new world record for concert poster sold today just set 150 thousand dollars in auction

Hank Williams 1953 Canton, OH Genuine Original Concert Poster for |...


plus tax so around 165 . beat the old one by around 30k

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try buying a fd 26 second print it will cost thousands

Yes, FD-26 is the exception. That poster is in a league of its own.

so is the 105  .its rick griffins most famous piece  

That would be nice, but I think there’s a big difference in value.

Yes it will.  I could have bought a first print for $100 from Ben Friedman in 1978. Same with the BG-105.  I bought second prints of both for $10 each.
The FD-26 Handbill is selling up to $5K these days in good shape and signed. I paid $100 each for the two I have.

A 9.8 BG-105-2 runs about $2K in a half decent auction.  My other 2 would grade somewhere in the 9s.  I have passed on paying for a first print.  I prefer the glossier paper used for the second print over the matte color of the first.  It just doesn't do the same justice to Rick Griffin's lettering and art.

i have 6 105 seconds and 5 105 first  im sitting on thousands of posters

This seller is trying to get $389+ for a BG-105 pirate printing that has been dry mounted.


This seller only want $2,499 for a BG-105-2 that has a 5.0 grade from CGC, meaning it has bullet holes and urine stains.


Ha ha. What a bargain.



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