What do you all think of this listing on ebay:

The Beatles Signed Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr. 4 Pieces Dated 1964 JSA


JSA letters for each, 25,000 asking price.

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Ouch! It appears to me that the Paul, George and Ringo signatures are authentic, while Neil Aspinall signed for John. However, all four signatures were authenticated.


Overpriced by $21000. 

Hi, just a bit puzzled.  Even if John is not authentic, wouldn't Paul, George and Ringo be woth more than $4000 certified?

I do not think so. Recent signed pencil sketches of paul, George and Ringo sold recently on RR Auctions. The signatues were much better than ones in the OP and the sale price was about $3800.

Okay, thanks.  Took me by surprise, but thanks for the info.


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