And this is not an asking price -- but final sale price!

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I saw that… I was absolutely gutted because when the pre-orders were out for the book, I found a bookstore that had the signed copy on their site, and I put it in my cart and entered my payment information (and received the confirmation email that everything was set). Then five days later I got an email saying there was an oversight in their system and it allowed more than one person to order the signed book, and I wasn’t the first person that ordered it. Such a bummer. My quest to get Paul’s autograph continues…

But what a profit they made on eBay there… the signed edition was $1,000… so they made a nice little return. 

The signed edition was not $1000. SRP was $2083 (1500GBP). Most bookstores raised the price from there or auctioned them. I got one for $2550. But yes, tidy profit by most except a few bookstores who sold for $1500-2000. I still have an authenticated McCartney signed program for sale at 

Great site, Craig! I think I have seen some of your Beatles items in books and magazines over the years, particularly the Tony Curtis piece. You probably have the most amazing collection of Beatles items and autographs that I have ever seen. 

The Tony from the cover of Sgt Pepper is one of my most prized items. Not the most valuable, but it ought to be. Thanks for perusing the site. Hope you and others enjoy looking.

I checked out your site. You have some amazing Beatles items. 

My bad, I meant to say I found a site that had it for £1,000… but still, not a bad little profit made. 

I love your signed Paul tour program… that is definitely nice looking. I will be keeping my eye on it.

You could take the profit from these signed books and buy a full Beatles signed set. That is what is crazy, but it is definetly about stature and statement of owning one I guess that is driving up the price. Especially when you can buy the regular edition. 

I'm reading the regular edition now. Don't want to muss the signed copy. I bought because I'm a collector, especially Beatles. I thought, why not make phone calls for an hour, and if I get lucky, great. I think you'll see prices are coming down as the high rollers get theirs. Although, one just sold a few minutes ago for $9100.

Just thought I would update the sales prices I've seen on eBay. Apparently yesterday a new record was set for the Lyrics book - $12,000!! (insert your favorite expletive here)  I have also seen two copies sell what I believe to be three times already: one sold for an unknown amount by the bookstore, then $7500 on eBay and then resold yet again for $9300; another copy sold for an unknown amount by the bookstore, then $8400 and then $12,000. Third owners are still making huge profits.

I have collected Beatles items since the 1970's, and I did buy a signed copy of Lyrics from a bookstore. I have been collecting high-end Beatles more recently, and I do not understand the prices being paid for this book. I thought I was taking a bit of a risk at $2550 given the suggested retail of $2000, you can buy an authenticated McCartney cut signature for probably less than a grand, and you can get the regular Lyrics book unsigned for less than $100. I realize there are only 175 copies of the signed edition, but the high end of collectibles in general seems to have no price ceiling since the pandemic started. But McCartney has probably signed more autographs than any person who ever lived.

It is a bit like the situation with Bob Dylan’s The Lyrics: Since 1962.  There were 50 deluxe copies of that book, signed by Bob, priced at USD $5,000.  They sold out immediately, and the few copies offered for public sale since have sold for even more.  It’s a premium item, and there’s a certain, small demographic who are prepared to buy something like that as an investment piece.  The fact that the signature comes with cast iron provenance is a factor, but really it’s all about the exclusivity.  You can’t judge items like that in the same way as regular autographs.



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