Promoting Autographed Memorabilia....Derek Jeter Mickey Mantle Forgeries Found

I read an article yesterday about promoting autographed sports memorabilia. 

Of course when I scanned the Amazon site for autographs I immediately found a few forgeries, but what really shocked me this morning was the advertisement on the NY Post website.  Here's a screenshot of the first page I clicked on the NY Post website.

It's an advertisement for proudly displaying a Derek Jeter forgery.  Nice going Amazon!!! 

Here are some other forgeries I found on

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All of the usual certed garbage is on Amazon:  Chris Morales, Ted Taylor (TTA & Stat Authentic) and GAI.

That is very interesting.  We will get to see exactly how willing Amazon is to police its listings.  I wonder what made Amazon decide to market autographs with such a major ad?

I'm sure all major companies do all types of market research on products or items that sell well, and we all know that autographed memorabilia, etc., is a huge seller.  Of course, as we all know, the majority of autographs sold nationwide and worldwide are forgeries.  The majority of autograph collectors aren't in the mainstream hobby and those are the so-called collectors who buy and own forgeries.

As much as we write about forgeries and the sellers of forgeries,  those outside of the mainstream never do any research, and it is a rare occurrence that one of them will stumble upon a website like this one.

Collectors like us know about Morales, Ted Taylor, Coach's Corner, etc., but unfortunately, those outside of the mainstream don't have a clue.

Here is the link to the original article I read on the SCD website.

Well if they're guaranteeing them, they'll have a fun time standing behind this Morales piece. Interesting that the photo is so small you can't see the autographs:

Steve, I was looking at some Derek Jeter signed jersey auctions and the majority of them also contain small images, but even from the small images, most of them looked bad.

Looks like Amazon made one helluva splash into the memorabilia field!!!

Gotta love the name of that seller:  Hall Of Fame Memorabilia.

I've written many times, for a lot of years, how impressed wannabe autograph collectors are when they read a seller's name like Hall Of Fame Memorabilia. 

Very glad you caught the ad, Chris...and the article. I like that site.

Yes, SCD did a nice job on that article.  Part of the article reads "However, a check of some items Friday would seem to indicate that wasn't being enforced.  How Amazon deals with the inevitable controversy over autograph authenticity, especially after the sale, will be interesting to watch."

Nice work SCD!!!

I am still shocked that Amazon used that Derek Jeter forgery in an advertisement in a major New York newspaper to promote their sports memorabilia side of the business without first having someone of autograph knowledge and experience check it out.  What a blunder.

The Jeter ball ad is there because the ad software automatically picks products in context with the articles. The article was about a Yankee player, so it selected the best selling active Yankee.

Well, the Amazon software sure picked a winner.  To catch that ad on the NY Post website was beautiful!!!!



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