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American Beauty or Ugly? SRV Band Signed as Well from Roadie

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Presents poorly and appears one hand, sorry.

Perhaps post your other SRV's purchased from roadies. Was it confirmed these people actually worked for SRV?

Yes. I’ve gotten to know him. This poster is signed to him by the band and manager.

Post this in the SRV forum under "Music" for increased traffic.

Bump for SRV band sigs from Roadie.

Thanks. I do have some real pieces, not just these terrible albums. I mainly collect concert posters and have a great SRV poster collection--pieces that go back to the early 70s. I have a few other signed pieces from other artists that I believe are real and have legitimate LOAs-one Dylan and one Hendrix. I will run those by you at some point. I will post a few more of these highly suspect pieces this weekend just to see if anything is authentic and then I will move on to more legit stuff.

Member Marc e knows a LOT about posters.

What do you think of this Bob Weir signature? I've bought posters from this guy before and he seems legit. He said he got Bob to sign the poster himself.


there are very few reall signed hendrixs and dylan concert posters infact very very few herdixs

i knew stevie and jhad a bunch of inperson including guitars he signed over the years for me

There are couple signatures on this which I don't recognize, but the 3 band member signatures look good imho. Most importantly the SRV style of signature is era specific and matches the time frame of the poster.

Agreed. I might put some more up later this weekend. 


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